Book Stores Are Alive And Well

This is a collector’s item. Save it. We all know that bookstores are a thing of the past. The Culture Trip, an app, just did a wrap up of 50 unique independent bookstores that are still around the country. My lovely friend, Anne Bloom, just posted the bookstores and locations on Facebook.

So what did I do? I quickly copied her post to deliver you a keepsake. I’m definitely filing this post in a safe spot because I love visiting bookstores. I want to know which city has what. I used to spend hours every weekend roaming through book and record stores. It was my social life. It was cheap, informative and fun. 

Now, we will have Amazon taking over where the independents left off. I don’t know how much fun Amazon will be, but I do know the independent bookstores always offer a different twist in marketing.

Most of the listings below give you the state, the name of a bookstore, a store description, the address and phone number. One or two may be missing a headline, but the copy will give you all the information you need.

Have fun! 

One thought on “Book Stores Are Alive And Well

  1. Nice summary. I’ve been to lots of them….surprised at a few choice in some states. Glad it got P&P in DC (last entry).

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