Atomic Beam Lantern 

When it comes to the world of gadgets, there is always a solution to every problem.

Eliot and I tend to frequent hip hotels for younger guests. We love the energy and the vibes. The hotel rates are usually more affordable and the bar areas are fun meeting places. 

There is, however, one major drawback. The rooms are usually dark, and the bathrooms are even darker. I guess young folks don’t like too much light. I was okay with it for a few years, but lately the darkness is getting on my nerves.

Surprise, surprise. My pal, Steve Greenberg, the Innovation Insider, just featured the Atomic Beam Lantern on his TV gadget tour around the country. This is exactly the gadget I need to see what I am doing in the bathroom, especially for applying my makeup and brushing my hair.

All for $20. 

Memo to Steve: Can you spare one next week when we arrive at the Hudson Hotel? I would love to try it out.

The military-grade lantern is an ultra-bright 360-degree LED portable unit that is waterproof, provides 12 hours of light with 30 bright white LEDs on 3 AA batteries. Pull it up to turn it on. A great advantage is that it stands on a base or it hangs from a built-in handle

Watch Steve demonstrate the lantern on ABC TV in New York..

One thought on “Atomic Beam Lantern 

  1. Keep me posted, Lois. We lose electricity all the time out here in the woods. Thanks for being my tech guru.

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