Document The Story Of Your Life 

Eliot and I went to a tech trade show in Miami Beach today called eMerge. We came across a company many DigiDame readers could possibly be interested in.  Instead of someone else describing you at your funeral, why don’t you do it yourself.

Called The Story Of Your Life,  the company helps folks preserve memories for future generations. One of the co-founders of the company, told me the whole purpose of his firm  is to keep family histories alive. The press  material claims, “If you can listen to [their] stories and record them… your children can learn a lot about life and make a better life for themselves.”

TSOLife offers personal historian services to help make life story recordings as enjoyable as possible. They conduct in-person interview sessions to capture life stories. They record interviews, transcribe stories, then add audio narration, and supporting photos and videos.  All stories are approved by clients and new material can be added at any time,

Price, you ask? $1,500. This is very affordable. Have fun. 

One thought on “Document The Story Of Your Life 

  1. I had a little chuckle over the suggestion about the personal historian service. A few years ago, a very dear friend spent many weeks and many dollars (more than $1500 for sure) to document her life story, which was very interesting, since she was a musician. She included videos and photos, accompanied by her stories in writing—it was a beautiful product. She made a copy for each of her 4 children, and presented them at Christmas. I’d love to say that they were thrilled, but they were not, and to this day, not one of the four has mentioned them. I don’t know what this says about her children, or if this behavior is typical of a certain generation, but if I was having this done, I’d check with my children first!

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