Memos From Friends 

From my friend, Ted Seifman.

“Lois, I wanted to share this with your DigiDame readers.” 

Patricia Morison (only one) was the original Kate in Kiss Me Kate on Broadway. She turned 102 in March. I love having lunch with her and hearing all about the good old days which she has full and detailed memories of.
“One cute conversation from a couple of months ago. I related a story of meeting her friend Norman Lloyd at her 100th birthday party two years ago. He’s a year older then she is. At the time 101, he told me his shoulder was sore from playing tennis earlier in the day. When I told Pat about what he said, she said “Oh I used to watch Norman and Charlie play tennis on Saturdays”. I said “Charlie who”…..her response “Chaplin”.

I figure that’s not going to be a conversation I will ever hear from anyone else in my life!

Pat with her roommate Bruce

Pat with her assistant

From Andrew Nahmias 

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