Seventh Amazon Book Store  

The seventh Amazon book store is located at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. If you think about it, the company that managed to put countless bookstores out of business across the country, is now building a bookstore chain.  

By the way, their bookstores are always busy. Curious folks want to see what Amazon is doing that is different from what the former bookstores did. You can tell right away. They laid out the book store just like the Amazon website.

It’s very exciting to see sections for: Goodreads picks, most read,  most wished for, if you liked that—you will like this, hotly-debated, and highly -rated children’s books. There were plenty other categories that I just didn’t take picture of. 

Check out is so much fun. If you are a Prime Member you get a deep discount. All transactions are done on the app. No more waiting in lines to buy a book. Just click and check out. You feel like you are stealing the book, but you’re not.

You heard Amazon bought Whole Foods today for $13 billion dollars. Now, this is going to get interesting.

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