I Am Looking For Butt Tales

My client, artist and inventor Allen Hirsch, told me his Butt phone cases are just about to be delivered. Allen owns HandL phone cases. 

Hirsch claims, “Touching the buttocks is one of the most pleasant tactile experiences I have known,”

This is not the final Butt, but it’s pretty close. I will be showing the real thing in a week or so. Meanwhile, I’m giving away 25 Butts to anyone who emails me their favorite Butt story. We are not looking for vulgar copy. We are interested in tales that tell us why Butts are so important. You can write a short essay, a poem, a song, or a joke (a clean one), 

Email me at loisw@hwhpr.com. We will giveaway 25 units. We would like to publish a collection of Butt stories. 

Here is the official press release. .

 The HandL Butt Phone Case Will Reunite You With The Power Of Touch

SoHo, NYC — As part of Allen Hirsch’s life-long desire to create paintings and sculptures that provoke thoughts and feelings about relationships, the artist has created the Butt phone case that is sure to set the comfort standard for all mobile devices in the future.

 The Butt by HandL will make its worldwide debut at CE Week NY 2017, July 12 -13, 2017 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.

 Hirsch added, “The Butt case is a project I have been working on for years. Since the HandL technology uniquely supports one’s fingers effortlessly against the back of the cellphone, I wanted to explore that sensory aesthetic further. We all often just grab our phones and don’t think about the way we touch things.

 “As an artist I am acutely aware of the power of touch as this is the vehicle through which I project my thoughts and feelings on canvas. Touch is the most fundamental and honest form of communication. If you feel something and touch someone, they will get the message. One of HandL’s goals is to bring us back in touch with touch. Many of our relationships are now inside this little metal iPhone box. I want that touch experience to be meaningful.

“I spent many months passing my fingers over countless materials and surfaces: fur, leather, glass, etc. and tried different foams that cushioned the fingers. But my thoughts returned to the human figure and the idea of merging the body with the phone as HandL already does. A light went on: Touching the buttocks is one of the most pleasant tactile experiences I have known. It is ergonomic, soft and comfortable to rest one’s hand against. Merging the electronic screen and its ethereal digital non tactile world with the real world tactile goal of a buttock became an obsession. I began the search for the perfect material for this; scouring stores, and running my hands over every soft surface. Finally I found a foreign product that contained a particular mix of semi-liquid silicone, a material that is actually used in plastic surgery for buttocks. This was it!”

HandL Smartphone Cases are designed to be a natural extension of your hand. They feature a patented elastic and brace system that allows you to hold your device with just one or two fingers, freeing up your other hand and relieving the stress and discomfort of gripping. Many world famous athletes now prefer HandL to protect the precious use of their hands.

HandL gives you more flexibility to take longer range selfies and smoother panning videos and also converts into a hands-free portrait/landscape stand. HandL is simply the most comfortable way to enjoy content on your phone.

 The new HandL Butt Case for the iPhone 7 Plus is available for pre-order now for $69.99 at http://www.handliberation.com.

Thank you 

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