Amazon Prime Day Has Massive Sales 

Courtesy of PC Magazine

Make sure you don’t miss it. July 10th marks the beginning of a yearly event when Amazon reduces prices on a wide variety of items. This sales bonanza is for Prime members only.
Amazon said thousands of products will be on sale. Amazon will start listing the discounts in a day or two but the actual sale starts 9 pm ET on July 10 and run until 3 am ET on July 12. Thirty hours in total.  

Amazon describes the sale as a rollout. New deals will be offered every five minutes. This really keeps the excitement moving along. 

Good news for everyone who is not a Prime customer. You can get a membership before the sale begins for $100. Amazon hints that there will be incredible price breaks on television sets. The online retailer said they expect the TV sets to sell out quickly so if you want one buy it fast.

If Eliot is reading this, “Make sure you check out the price deals on a 70-inch TV. This could be your lucky day. If the price is low enough, go for it.”

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