Take A Shower Anywhere

Every time we go to the beach, we just love it. What we don’t love is all the sand that sticks to our feet when we have to put on our shoes again. It doesn’t matter how hard we towel dry our feet, we always have some sand stuck to us.

It would be so great if we could wash away the sand  and go home clean. There are public showers at the beach but the lines of people waiting to wash themselves are usually too long. All we want to do is go home and take a full shower. 

Someone must have heard us, because a company named Helio has invented a portable shower that will give us enough water to clean ourselves off. Watch the video for a complete demonstration.

The unit is explained and sold on Amazon. “Unlike conventional gravity-fed systems, our Helio™ systems rest on the ground and are pressurized by their integrated foot pump, delivering excellent water pressure for showering, cleaning dishes, or rinsing off gear.”  

This kind of unit is for perfect camping, hiking, and outdoor backyard showers.

The LX model has a 22L/5.8 gallon capacity with a 7’/2.1m hose, providing 7-10 minutes of water pressure.

Retail price, $139.95.

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