Tom Hanks Typewriter Movie

Thanks to Hollywood, typewriters are going to be making a big comeback soon. Tom Hanks and John Mayer recently made a movie discussing their love of typewriters. Called California Typewriter, the movie is a documentary about the antiquated writing machine.

The movie also features comments from historian David McCullough and playwright Sam Shepard. Both men claim the typewriter “is still their go-to writing device.”

Most people don’t know it, but Hanks owns more than 250 different typewriters. He says most of them are in working order.

Hanks passion about typewriters is real.  He recently launched a typewriter app named Hanx Writer which provides the sounds of the keys banging, hard returns and the chimes that sound when you reach the end of a line.  

Hanks, plus millions of other people, miss that.

The movie, California Typewriter, will hit theaters on August 18th. Thank you Rolling Stone for the story.

I can’t wait to see it.


2 thoughts on “Tom Hanks Typewriter Movie

  1. My Dad had a secretary who was the Maryland state typing champion and could type 200 WPM. I can still remember the dramatic sounds of her knocking out a letter. Thanks for the memory.

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