The View From Our Security Camera 

We did something different this 4th of July. Instead of having one of our big shindigs, we decided to celebrate the arrival of some friends who migrated from Venezuela. We are thrilled they are safely in this country.

I was so busy chatting with friends of my friends, I forgot to take photos of the night. A few days later, Eliot was checking our Arlo home security system when he discovered that a number of videos were taken for us. We found this pretty amusing. We forget Arlo was on. 

I took photos of the videos to share with you. It’s very reassuring to know that I have some sort of a security system that I can remotely access through my smartphone. It’s also nice to have some memories of that evening. 

Thank you Arlo. 

3 thoughts on “The View From Our Security Camera 

  1. Why do you have such a device on your porch? Are you concerned that Spider-Man is going to somehow attempt to break into your house? You live on the 36th floor.

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