Kiss Our Butt

Our Butt Is On Fire. Everyone is talking about it.

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but David Carnoy of CNET wrote a “tongue in cheek” tech piece about the Butt.

David Carnoy is an executive editor at CNET and isinterviewed regularly as a tech expert on radio. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC andother media outlets. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from ColumbiaUniversity. He is the author of the acclaimed thrillers Knife Music, TheBig Exit, and Lucidity, all available from The Overlook Press. His novels have sold over 100,000 copies.

The Butt and its creator. Allen Hirsch, are our clients. If you want to laugh yourself silly, read and watch the video, here.
It’s an amazing piece and now I have to work “my butt off” to make it more famous. This is the kind of article that could make the Butt a national sensation. I’m really sticking my neck out by even discussing this because the odds are against anything happening. But I’m going to put my magic PR energy, that I have been cultivating for 40 years, into trying to make it work.

Allen and me.

This photo of Allen on his SoHo roof, depicts him the best. On his Facebook page he writes, “My Beach, my jungle, my water view.”

Allen Hirsch is the quintessential artist, He created the line of HandL phone cases with its elastic grip because he felt the smartphone should be an extension of our hand. Allen lives in a SoHo loft on Lafayette Street among his art work and paint tools. The place looks like a creative workshop. 

The New York Times recently did a profile on Allen and his beloved monkey, Benjamin. Click here.

This is a developing story.  More details in the coming weeks. 

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