Our Restaurant Crawl

It’s was so nice to see smiling faces everywhere we went. Eliot and I were among a few hundred folks who participated in the South of Fifth restaurant tour on Miami Beach tonight. South of Fifth is the tony area that is actually South of Fifth Street. We have the ocean on the East, Biscayne Bay on the west, Government Cut on the South and the balance of  Miami Beach to the North. 

We walked to 18 different SoBe neighborhood restaurants to taste their specialties that they prepared for the night. We had ceviche, pasta, coconut shrimp, poke ball, clams, beet spreads,  crackers, desserts, Mojitos, wines, and so much more that we never even got to. The whole idea of the tour is to expose neighborhood people to restaurants they have never frequented before.

Every restaurant on the tour was identified by billboards at their entrance.

Every guest received a badge with the list of restaurants.

The notification everyone received that announced the event was sold out.

The first invitation we all received.

The staff of the local Equinox was out in force to sign up members. We were given three free days as an incentive. If that comes with lunch I may be interested.

Our local organic food restaurant.

A restaurant greeter

Lilikoi Organic Living.

Neighbors walking from restaurant to restaurant..

Eliot marching right along.

Greeters at Cibo

One of the Floridian artists exhibiting work at Cibo.

Exciting hearts

Experimenting with new textures.

Fans posing with Trish Posner, (second from right) the popular author of The Pharmacist of Auschwitz: The Untold Story.

Me with Gerald Posner, author of God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power, at Cibo.

Entrance to Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach greeters.

Nikki Beach hostess.

The Nikki Beach garden

Another Floridian artist with Eliot

We arrive at the Bakehouse for French desserts.

Neighbors resting at the Bakehouse before we move on to the rest of the restaurants on the list.

Trish, Sildy Cervera, me and Gerald

5 thoughts on “Our Restaurant Crawl

  1. Very nice blog Lois. Once while working for the Viking Range Corp. I went on a walking tour of best New Haven restaurants with group of chefs. It was fun. You look great; live your white and purple top!

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