Defining Age 

Liz Smith at 94

Jenny Allen is 61


I was getting a mani/pedi a few months ago when one of the manicurists, who is about 35 years old, said to me that “I was so cute” because I knew how to operate an iPhone. Her parents didn’t want to try.

I was sitting in a big lounge chair getting a pedicure at the time when she made that remark. I wanted to puke. I think of myself as an active digital influencer and the manicurist sees me as an elderly lady using a smartphone.

I got a mani/pedi again yesterday. A female client in the next chair made a remark to me about liking my Kimono.  Her manicurist looked at the two of us to ask if we noticed the elderly woman who passed us a few minutes ago. She said she was adorable wearing a mini skirt. We both missed it. I asked the manicurist how old she thought the elderly woman was. She said, 60. I wanted to puke again.

I know that I can’t stop the years from racking up, but I just don’t want to be put in a group that is considered “cute” because we curse, wear youthful clothes, or use electronics. 

Coincidentally, I’m not the only one who has difficulty dealing with the elderly woman syndrome. Hear what Liz Smith, the most famous gossip columnist ever, has to say about not getting work even when she offers her services for free.  

And Jenny Allen, a famous journalist, humor writer and performer, talks about her life after she separated from her famous husband of 30 years, Jules Feiffer, and then contracting a life threatening disease.

Don’t miss these candid stories.

Click here for Liz Smith and here  for Jenny Allen.

4 thoughts on “Defining Age 

  1. obviously the young manicurist needs social graces in complementing women… wouldn’t define being elderly based on what others who haven’t experienced life yet have to say… my mother at 94 didn’t think she was old – just hadn’t been that age before! think young to stay young!!

  2. Love today’s post. It’s particularly timely as today is a milestone birthday for me and despite the “elderly” adjective that often appears in news reports for adults over 50, I chose to turn this big decade with grace and energy. The alternative stinks 😷!

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