I Like To Smile And Show My Pearly Whites

The Glo Science teeth whitening  product has been around since 2010, but I’m not sure if many DigiDame readers know about it. I’m in the middle of using it now. I feel it’s a much easier process than the mechanism with the trays.

I encourage all of you who are interested in making your teeth whiter, to visit a dentist who has progressed to this method. The initial treatment is faster and the whitening LED machine you use at home has better results than those messy trays.

The big bonus is that your teeth don’t experience any sensitivity. I think my teeth look much whiter than ever before. I’m going away for three weeks, so who knows what color my teeth will be when I get home. 

My Miami dentist told me not to worry. He said the Glo that I applied will last me for weeks. I can do touch ups when I get home. Watch the videos to see how Glo works. It’s the most advanced professional whitening product available today. 

I paid $560.00 for the treatment. That includes the home LED machine. My teeth do look white, maybe not as white as others, but white enough for me. I am very pleased. 

One thought on “I Like To Smile And Show My Pearly Whites

  1. I tend to resist red wine as much as possible, in order to prevent staining. Other than that, I manage to make do with regular cleanings by my dental hygienist. But the system you mention sounds great!

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