Start-Up Competition TV  

If you, your children, or your grandchildren, are ever interested in raising money for a new product or service, I strongly suggest you watch one of the start-up TV investment shows.  They show you exactly how to make a presentation.

Don’t think making a presentation is an easy task. It’s not. It’s an art. There are definite do’s and don’t’s. One wrong word can destroy your chances. I have been involved in many start-up investment projects. The people who get money understand what investors want to hear. They know how to appeal to their senses.

You can learn some of these techniques from Shark Tank, the ABC reality TV show where contestants try to convince five major angel investors to invest in their idea. You don’t have to like the show. You just have to listen carefully to the questions investors ask and how they react to the answers. 

You may think this show is scripted, but it doesn’t matter. If you watch it often enough, you learn what’s real. It’s important to read between the lines and understand how the sharks make their decisions. While they all have different requirements, they all want to make money. You have to convince them that you know how to do it.

Another fund raising TV show just started. It’s called Funderdome. It’s hosted by comedian Steve Harvey. The show has a completely different format, but it’s worth watching because you get to see people present their ideas. You will immediately see which presentations are appealing and which ones are a joke.

Funderdome premiered on ABC, June 11th. Both Shark Tank and Funderdome are produced by Mark Burnett. Contestants on Funderdome pitch products to a studio audience. The audience votes on who gets seed funding. In this case, the audience is judging the product itself. Don’t discard this format. It is vital. If customers like your product, chances are people with deep pockets will like it too.

Good luck! 

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