From Our Balcony

We had an incredible view of the Blue Angels at the Air & Sea Show on the beach yesterday. This is becoming an annual Memorial Day (Weekend) event in Miami Beach. We were joined by a few friends who spent the afternoon watching this spectacular show. Everyone brought their cameras and were clicking away. All the photos below were shot by Eliot Hess on his new super, duper Nikon.

40 Celebrities Who Are Fighting Chronic Illnesses

Selma Blair

The more I speak to people my age, the more I realize that many friends have some sort of a health issue that they have to deal with each day. This is the new normal. If you live long enough, you can’t escape hearing about health problems everyday.

I am the biggest baby. I don’t think my coping skills ever matured. I constantly worry that we should all be healthy and happy. My cousin Allan Becker tells me, “Attitude is everything.” I know he’s right, but it’s so difficult to put on a smiley face when you don’t feel well, or you are worried about the future.

Some people have to put on a good show no matter what. I admire those who can do that. Kelly Clarkson, the singer, managed to host the Billboard Music Awards while suffering from appendicitis. She underwent surgery to remove her appendix the very next day. She admits now that she was in terrible pain during the entire ceremony. I don’t know too many other people who would have taken such a chance. What was going through her mind?

You will be shocked to learn of many famous people with chronic illnesses who appear in public life like they don’t have a care in the world.

Read about the woes of the famous. Maybe we can learn from them, or at least admire their fortitude.

Prevention magazine reveals all. Click below.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I always love giving you a scoop. “Hear’s one.”

I know, I know. It’s “here’s one.” I just wanted to be cute when I clued you in on the fact that a soon-to-be released, smartphone app, will allow you to diagnose ear infections.

This is great news for parents who have children plagued by ear infections. The app uses the phone’s microphone, its speaker and a small paper cone.

According to Engadget, “The app sends short, sound pulses through a funnel and into the ear canal. It then measures the echo of that sound, and an algorithm uses the reading to predict if there’s fluid behind the eardrum, one of the common symptoms of infection.”

The app is waiting for FDA approval. Researchers at the University of Washington and the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, said the app was correct about 85 percent of the time when they checked the ears of 50 children.

Let’s hope that the new app helps parents, and grandparents, make an official diagnose. No one likes to see a child in pain. The quicker ear infections can be treated, the better.

Click below for a more complete story.

Your Car Is No Longer Your Best Friend

Stock Photo – DEN BOSCH, THE NETHERLANDS – MAY 14, 2017: Retro styled rear end of a classic pink Cadillac fifties car in Den Bosch, The Netherlands

For those who read the “New York Times” every day, this is not going to be big news. For those who don’t, this can be startling.

Your beloved automobile knows more about you than perhaps your spouse, children, friends, and business associates.

Yesteryear, you would drive your car and everything that happened in it would remain a secret forever. You could eat a whole Carvel ice cream cake in the front seat and pretend it never happened. You could play hooky from work, and drive around all day, and no one would know the difference.

Today, according to Bill Hanvey, president and chief executive officer of the Auto Care Association, your car “not only knows how much you weigh but also tracks how much weight you gained. Your car also knows how fast you drive, where you live, how many children you have — even financial information. Connect a phone to a car, and it knows who you called and who you texted.”

You can get all of the facts you never realized by clicking on the link below. I warn you in advance, you will never feel the same way about your auto again.

So many of you, who love your car more than you love many other things, may want to sell your wheels immediately and only use a Lyft or Uber.

Oops, that won’t work either. They know everything about you too.

The Man In The Moon


Fran Lebowitz tells Bill Maher that Biden and Sanders are too old. Watch his response. Funny and why I love Bill.

Our crowd recommends Rocket Man and Nureyev. Both movies were excellent. Eliot, Jonas, Brian, Myra, Gary and yours truly dined at Time Out off of Lincoln Road. It’s our new favorite place.

Jill And Jeff

We met Jill Biden last Thursday tonight, the next First Lady of the United States. She has the intelligence and common sense to help this country heal. The highlight for me was when Biden mentioned the importance of community college during her visit to Miami Dade College. She came to Miami to promote her new book “Where The Light Enters.”

She gave me goose bumps when she talked about the function community college plays in helping people better prepare themselves for the academic world. Eduardo José Padrón, President of Miami Dade College (MDC), also talked about his struggles of getting into college and how many he was rejected from. Now because of his position for the last 20 plus years, all of the schools that rejected him found a way to give him an honorary degree.

Jeff Bezos Posts Touching Video For His Dad

For the last few days I have been somewhat involved with the new museum for the Statue of Liberty. I was happy that Jeff Bezos took the opportunity at the unveiling of the new museum to honor his dad who came from Cuba alone at 16. Great story.

Fitness Trackers For Kids

I really wanted to write about something today that could be useful for children.

I think I found something that would be fun and motivate youngsters to do more physical activities.

Let me introduce you to a $70 Fitbit for kids. It just became available. Fitbit had a unit for children last year that was called the Ace. It was $30 more than the new one. The Ace 2 device for children is now available at $69.95.

Ace 2 now tracks activity and sleep. It also encourages children to do one hour of activity a day. The kid-friendly unit features a bedtime reminder, alarms, timers and call alerts. It is also water-proof and has five days of battery life. The companion app is called Kid View.

For those who feel fitness trackers may be too stressful for children, let me remind you that all sports are competitive. It’s better to learn to be active at a young age, than to be a fatty when you’re older.