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Can you imagine traveling to any country of your choice, and being able to converse in the native language? Now you can with Pocket Talk.

Traveling with Innovation Insider, Steve Greenberg, has its advantages. He brings his gadgets to test on his trips. When I saw Pocket Talk at breakfast this morning, I knew I wanted to share it with you. Watch the videos.


Bamberg, Germany

We visited the town of Bamberg today and had some fun with their public sculptures.

Called “The Sculpture Meeting,” by Chinese artist Wang Shugang, this art piece depicts eight lifesize squatting men, positioned in a circle on Schönleinsplatz Square, near a busy crossroads in the middle of the old town of Bamberg. The work of art is made of bronze, varnished in red. and goes back to an exhibition in the year 2013, “CIRCLES,” when it was first shown in Bamberg. Thanks to private donations and private funding, The sculpture has grown into a very popular subject for photos as the artwork is open to walk through and sit besides the eight men, thus becoming part of the artists creation.

When I tried to copy the position of the red men, I fell right on my tush. After I got up, I did my comedy routine, but no one laughed.

You Don’t Have To Be Big To Be Important

We spent the day in the charming, medieval town of Rothenberg. The architecture was gothic and renaissance. I don’t think you will find an area of the world with all of its original buildings dating back from the Middle Ages. The entire area is charming with the beautiful old houses, storehouses, secluded squares and towers, taverns and town gates. The food and flowers were not second rate either. Everything was picture perfect.

The Flowers

The Treats

Climbing The Glass Tower

I almost chickened out, but I made it all the way up and down the dome and roof terrace of the Reichstag Building. We had spectacular views of the parliamentary and government district as well as all of the major Berlin sights.  

The dome was designed by architect Norman Foster in 2004 and built to symbolize the reunification of Germany. Foster also updated the Hearst building in NYC in 2006.


12 Ways to Make More Money Through LinkedIn

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Don’t snub your nose at LinkedIn.

There are approximately 610 million users of this business-oriented search engine. The trouble is that many users think if they post their profile, they will get a job. The successful users of LinkedIn know how to navigate their way around the program.

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Our First Time In The JFK Flagship Lounge—Private Dining Room

I’m sitting in the Flagship Lounge at American Airlines, JFK, thinking whether our flight to London, then onto Berlin, will have WiFi. I only had the privilege of having WiFi once when we crossed the ocean. It never happened again.

Coincidentally, I just read a story from the best known writer in the travel business, Peter Greenberg, (yes, we know each other, even though I haven’t seen him in years) that tells you which airlines offer free WiFi.

I thought you should have this information. Peter is known as the Travel Detective. If you travel often, you should follow him on all social media platforms.

Click to learn more about free WiFi on your next flight.


Eliot bought us first class tickets to Berlin. Somehow, he skipped over business class. He claims he doesn’t know how it happened.

When we arrived at the lounge, they escorted us to a private dining room. We just followed instructions and didn’t offer up info that we would have been happy with a bag of peanuts and a coke.

We just completed a delicious dinner that was paired with the best wines. My nerves are calmed a bit, but I will still be questioning every bump once we take off.

Here is what we just ate. Keto perfect.

We are traveling super first class. We have an escort who is picking us up at the lounge and driving us to the gate. The flights cost more than our budget tour through Germany. I do have my priorities.

Smiley Face Pancakes

St. Louis resident Daniel Drake co-founded an art catering business called, Dancakes. Yes, pancakes with a D.

It was a natural name for the new company. Drake has the unbelievable talent of being able to draw any type of cartoon character just by squeezing a bottle filled with colorful batter.

It’s edible art.

This is a specialized griddle that heats uniformly— there are no “hot spots.”

It has a draw setting and another setting for cooking— so that the temperature is exactly correct for the draw process. 

The cost is going to between $60 to $90 depending on which features you choose.

You use regular pancake batter— and they have a bunch of safe, natural food dyes (same as cake frosting) to “draw” your pancake.

Co-founder Hank Gustafson recorded Drake drawing 151 original Pokémon characters. The video went viral on YouTube.

The company demonstrated the process at CE Week.

Keeping Up With The Seniors

Andi said she has been waiting her whole life to meet a man like Chuck. Perfect in every way.

I gained a new respect for seniors on Saturday. I witnessed the marriage of two people who are around my age (it was the first time for the bride) and the dancing skills of the guests who are definitely 70ish.

I was mesmerized from start to finish. Andi Trachtenberg created a wedding for herself that was young in tradition, yet so appropriate for people who have lived many decades. The ceremony and reception touched a certain grace that said there is no such thing as age when it comes to finding love.

To underscore this most amazing occasion were the senior guests who not only danced non-stop, but with current rhythm and steps that only the young usually show off.

I only captured a few scenes on video but I think you will get my point.

Age is only a number. Your attitude is everything.

Please click on the links, as well as the videos, for the full experience.