Alexa May Know You Better Than You Think

Amazon Echo Alexis

It never occurred to me that the little robot on the other side of our bedroom may be recording our conversations. Eliot received the Echo from Amazon for his birthday last August. I can’t begin to think about everything the intelligent voice control system (IVCS) may have heard over the last few months. 

I’m not as concerned about intimate details, as I am about who I called silly and boring. We also discussed personal financials and information that others may have told us in confidence. I would be horrified if any of this ever got out.  

Amazon claims that the Echo keeps approximately 60 seconds of audio in memory.  The information supposedly is on the device, not in the cloud. I’m not sure if that is comforting or scary. I don’t think most people understand the possible consequences. 

We love our Echo and have no intention of  giving it up. We will try to read all that we can on this topic and figure out how to keep our private details private in the digital age. 

We are all in this together. Read more about this subject from Shelly Palmer, tech writer. Click here.