The Man In The Moon


Fran Lebowitz tells Bill Maher that Biden and Sanders are too old. Watch his response. Funny and why I love Bill.

Our crowd recommends Rocket Man and Nureyev. Both movies were excellent. Eliot, Jonas, Brian, Myra, Gary and yours truly dined at Time Out off of Lincoln Road. It’s our new favorite place.

Jill And Jeff

We met Jill Biden last Thursday tonight, the next First Lady of the United States. She has the intelligence and common sense to help this country heal. The highlight for me was when Biden mentioned the importance of community college during her visit to Miami Dade College. She came to Miami to promote her new book “Where The Light Enters.”

She gave me goose bumps when she talked about the function community college plays in helping people better prepare themselves for the academic world. Eduardo José Padrón, President of Miami Dade College (MDC), also talked about his struggles of getting into college and how many he was rejected from. Now because of his position for the last 20 plus years, all of the schools that rejected him found a way to give him an honorary degree.

Jeff Bezos Posts Touching Video For His Dad

For the last few days I have been somewhat involved with the new museum for the Statue of Liberty. I was happy that Jeff Bezos took the opportunity at the unveiling of the new museum to honor his dad who came from Cuba alone at 16. Great story.

Fitness Trackers For Kids

I really wanted to write about something today that could be useful for children.

I think I found something that would be fun and motivate youngsters to do more physical activities.

Let me introduce you to a $70 Fitbit for kids. It just became available. Fitbit had a unit for children last year that was called the Ace. It was $30 more than the new one. The Ace 2 device for children is now available at $69.95.

Ace 2 now tracks activity and sleep. It also encourages children to do one hour of activity a day. The kid-friendly unit features a bedtime reminder, alarms, timers and call alerts. It is also water-proof and has five days of battery life. The companion app is called Kid View.

For those who feel fitness trackers may be too stressful for children, let me remind you that all sports are competitive. It’s better to learn to be active at a young age, than to be a fatty when you’re older.

An Afternoon At Fountainhead Studios

I admit it. I really don’t know anything about art, but I do know what I like. I can walk into an artist’s studio and immediately spot a piece of art that makes me feel happy and enthusiastic about life.

I also think artists of all mediums are among the most interesting people on Earth. Their passion and devotion to their art makes them totally different from most people you meet. It’s as if they have a deeper understanding of life. They see life in abstract forms that gives us an alternative way of looking at things.

Eliot and I visited several artists who work at the Fountainhead Studios on Saturday. I could have purchased several works right on the spot. The inspiration was flowing.

Artist Alex Nunez and her parents. Alex is one of my favorites.

I love walking into a room to see a series of exciting paintings that scream happiness.

Not all art hangs on a wall. Performance art is becoming more popular everyday.

The performers on the other side of the wall are fascinating. Watching them make it happen was completely surprising.

I love these chairs. They represent good times.

Some artists like to express a different identity.

Studio visitors love to compare notes.

Cut outs are becoming more popular.

Artists love to support each other.

What’s Happening In China Can Happen In The United States

I think we have learned during the Trump administration that every decent thing our parents tried to teach us, is no longer valued or relevant. The United States went from the most respected country in the world, to a major embarrassment.

Just when you thought conditions in the U.S. couldn’t get worse, check out what’s happening in China. It could happen here. It’s all spelled out in the above video.

Every citizen in China is being tracked by a nationwide surveillance system. There is a new social credit system for the 1.4 billion people in China that monitors every good, or bad, move they make. Everyone has a personal record. They are judged by their score. This should scare the heck out of you.

If you think it can’t happen here, think again. It is already taking place. The Internet knows what you read, wear, eat, travel, and do for a living. The U.S. also has security cameras on practically every corner of the country. There’s not too much you can do that’s not being recorded. Be very careful.

Warning: The video is very disturbing.

Join Us

Thank you Howard Stern. I hope your statement makes an impact on your fans.

We will be spending the afternoon visiting the studios of some of Miami’s most creative artists. Join us.

This evening we will be at Books & Books in Coral Gables cheering on Helene Berger who will be reading from her new book that has been receiving excellent reviews from the medical and senior community. Our close pal, Elaine Bloom, CEO and President of Plaza Health Network, will be introducing her.

Fran Drescher Hints That “The Nanny” May Be In The Works For Broadway

Since this is my personal blog, I can brag a little. I just opened Facebook and saw that Peter Marc Jacobson, one half of the then married couple that created “The Nanny” on TV, posted news that they are reportedly working on a Broadway Show about their long running series.

Guess which couple was the first investor??? Answer: The founders of HWH PR, Lois Whitman-Hess and Eliot Hess. This was our secret for over two years. We can’t tell you anymore because this is supposed to be a rumor. Wink, wink.