I Can’t Explain Why……

I saw these posters on social media several times this week and wanted to share them with you because many seniors have trouble sleeping. Over the years, several friends told me they got a better night’s sleep if they felt like they had a security blanket on them. Check with your doctor. It works for me. 

These posters were captured off of a slide show. If I can find the source, I will let you know. Weighted blankets are sort of like chicken soup. It works wonders for some. 

Fashion Parade At Red Dot and Spectrum 

Art Basel of Miami, one of the largest art exhibitions in the world, brings out art lovers who enjoy dressing up to show off their creativity. We visited two satellite exhibitions tonight, Red Dot and Spectrum, to check out the art and the fashion. This is what we found.

Stabbings At Ohio State Hit Home  

My family is so grateful to my cousin Vicki Morman for notififying us on social media about the status of her nephew Justin Young who attends Ohio State University. By now, you all heard about the stabbings on the campus of Ohio State University. Thank goodness Justin was safe inside his frat house at the time of the incident. Amen! 

Did You Know This?

If you didn’t see 60 Minutes Sunday night, make sure you get a copy of it. There are a significant number of folks with Alzheimer’s (at an early age) in Medellin, Columbia. A certain mutation has been identified. Click here to read more about what 60 Minutes discovered.

 Buying A Ferrari On-The-Spot 

This epitomizes our week in Los Angeles. I just witnessed, a young guy, buying a Ferrari for cash, right from my hotel window at the Mondrian. I checked with valet. This was not a rental, but a cash transaction with witnesses to inspect the interior, exterior, and paper work. The staff says this is not uncommon here. Lucky girl friend sitting on ledge, swinging her dancing legs. DigiDame captured rare sighting.

Long Live 301

Our hotel room number was 301 at The Mondrian in Los Angeles. This is extremely significant since it was our address for 40 years in Manhattan. 301 East 62nd St. We loved it. Our lucky number.

The Future Of Jewelry 

My daughter Whitney, and her boyfriend Fredrick,  presented me with a birthday present that was a perfect DigiDame gift. I’m now the proud owner of a Marchesa Amphora necklace that was made on a 3D printer. 

You can read all about it below. I am thrilled that I am one of the first women to own a piece of precious metal that was manufactured on a 3D printer. I find it very exciting that they thought enough of me to make sure I was at the forefront of something that I believe in so much. 

Thank you Whitney, and thank you Fredrick. 

Get ready world. This is the future of jewelry making. 

Seniors Should Learn To Have A Good Time With Snapchat 

Snapchat is an app that allows you to get extremely creative with short-lived or self-deleting photos and videos. If you watch my creations below, you will understand why you may not want these on files forever. My cousin Hanna and I had a ball making these.

It’s about time that seniors have more fun with digital applications. Try it, you’ll love it.