Chasing The Northern Lights

Our Group: Marcos, Eliot, Lois, Rene, Howard, and Greg

The Sun Voyager (1990) (Icelandic: Sólfar) is a sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason. It’s the symbol of Iceland. The sculpture is located next to the Sæbraut road in Reykjavík, Iceland. Sun Voyager is described as a dreamboat, or an ode to the Sun. The artist intended it to convey the promise of undiscovered territory, a dream of hope, progress and freedom.

One Of The Most Beautiful Buildings In The World

Harpa is a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík, Iceland. Because if its progressive design, the building is talked about across the globe. The opening concert was held on May 4, 2011. Harpa was designed by the Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects in co-operation with Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The structure consists of a steel framework clad with geometric shaped glass panels of different colours.

Smartphone Tricks

This is a panoramic photo of our traveling companions at a Reykjavik caldera. Our tour guide took the photo by starting on the left and then as he moved to the right, Rene, Howard and Greg, ran around him (to the right) to be ready for when he moved the camera to where they ended up. Marcos stayed in the middle to enhance the mystery.

Having lunch at a tomato farm (greenhouse) in Reykjavik

A Reykjavik geyser in slow motion

Reykjavik Waterfalls

The Many Lives Of Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill

Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill is an actor, singer, dancer, and producer. She has been married to the talented actor, playwright and director Larry Luckinbill for 40 years.

They have 5 marvelous children and most recently two amazing grandchildren. Lucie started her career in showbiz as the daughter of the legendary Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

But as we all know, famous parents only takes you so far. Lucie has had a steady career in TV, film, and theatre. What’s even more remarkable is that even though Lucie is now more in demand as ever, she is an extreme activist in both politics and the environment.

TV personality Steve Greenberg and PR expert Lois Whitman-Hess, of the Lying on the Beach podcast, recently talked to Lucie about how she successfully does it all.

The Teacher Wears Prada

I couldn’t believe my eyes today. I received an alert from Master Class, the online classroom, that Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, and the creative director of Condé Nast, was teaching a course on leadership and creativity.

What? How could that be? I never thought the woman, who has always been portrayed as a block of ice, was going to spend her time sharing information with the common man/woman.

I had to see what this was all about. I am a yearly member of Master Class, so I was able to access the course immediately.

I spent a few hours today listening to Anna Wintour talk about her life, family, career, aspirations, mentors, team members, new hires, the changes in the editorial world, designers, models, and celebrities.

She certainly didn’t act like the woman Meryl Streep portrayed in the “Devil Wears Prada.” Knowing many strong women in the business world, I’m sure Anna Wintour was demanding, but not anymore forceful than most successful bosses.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for most young people to take this course. Just like the podcast I posted in DigiDame two weeks ago, when I interviewed Frank O’connell, Anna Wintour shared career tips that were invaluable for anyone who seriously wants to do well.

The only requirement is for the student to have an open mind and be willing to learn.

Good luck!

Click here to see a promo of Anna Wintour’s course.

Eliot Hess, September Photo Mailing

Munich and the Surrounding
Bavarian Countryside

Family and friends ask me why I travel as much as I do. There is a simple answer to that. “To see the world while I can.” I love to photograph the unexpected.

I love showing others that the world is filled with wonderful surprises that bring us all together in peace and harmony. I never expected that Munich and the Bavarian countryside would be so welcoming. I think we all now understand how a very few can destroy it all. Do something to protect what we all love and want.

Lying on the Beach Podcast Interviews Robin Raskin

There should be a statue of Robin Raskin in front of the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas with an inscription that says “She turned this arena into a global stage for the introduction of some of the most innovative products in the world.”

As founder of the company “Living In Digital Times,” Robin solicited early stage companies to exhibit their remarkable inventions in this section of CES. She grouped them in sensible product categories for their debut: Digital Health, Digital Money, Fitness Tech, Baby Tech, Family Tech, Transforming EDU, MommyTech TV, Beauty Tech, and Wearables.

Each area had their own summit plus events. These companies also take part in other events during the week of CES including a FashionWare runway show, Mobile Apps Showdown, Last Gadget Standing, Robots on the Runway and the KAPi Awards.

In this episode of “Lying on the Beach” with TV personality Steve Greenberg and PR expert Lois Whitman-Hess, Robin explains how she manages to be at the forefront of technology all the time.

A New Field Called “Situational Awareness”

We sit back and watch the horrors of what is happening on the streets around the United States today. If it’s not hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, mud slides, and fires killing people, then it could possibly be an emotionally disturbed person shooting up neighborhoods. First responders and victims need robust communications in disasters. Remember, cell towers commonly go down.

My client has the needed solution using GEO stationary satellites. The SatPaq technology tells us what resources we have and where they are. Then, ten minutes later after things have moved, we update again. Forget all of the other gadgets you have heard about before. They are toys. They use low earth orbiting satellites (LEO’s) that move in the sky which doesn’t permit the necessary real-time communications. The SatPaq technology works so well that is being used in operations by the military because they can count on the communications from anywhere.

Our story is eye opening. It teaches about this new field called Situational Awareness [SA}. SA is about preparing for upcoming disasters so that we can manage more intelligently through the chaos.

This Podcast Will Upswing Your Career And Those You Share It With

Frank O’Connell

There is an important reason why you didn’t get that new job, project assignment, sales order, or recognition for your current efforts.

The man who has had probably one of the most successful careers any working professional can ever hope for, tells you why in the current episode of “Lying on the Beach” with TV personality Steve Greenberg and PR expert Lois Whitman.

Frank O’Connell, the man who was the top guy at HBO, Fox Video, Reebok and others, gives you the BEST business advice you will ever get in just 25 minutes. No jargon, no hype— just the facts.

A New App For Those Who Like Thrifting

There is a new online store that the younger folks are gravitating to that I bet you know nothing about. How can that be possible when 15 million young people under 26 years of age are visiting a site called Depop almost everyday?

It was started by 16 year old Luella Roche from Ulster County, New York. She discovered that young folks enjoy buying secondhand items from an app that serves as an international flea market.

Everyone can buy and sell. All you have to do is use your smartphone to take pictures of the treasures you want to sell. A lot of young users, like Luella, are making a lot of money. In an ironic way, they are taking over many of the traditional boutique stores. Luella says she hadn’t asked her parents for money in months. She is making more than they would possibly give her.

She claims that she has two closets, one for her personal clothes, the other for what she sells. Luella said people her age have a different mindset about thrift shopping. She recently found a “DKNY mini-backpack at Goodwill for $3 and sold it on Depop for $70. “It’s really easy”. she says. “Literally anybody can do this.”

Read more in New York Magazine: