12 Ways to Make More Money Through LinkedIn

If you are a senior and you want to work, you must learn to use Linkedin. If you are a senior, and you tried LinkedIn, and still can’t find a suitable job, you are probably not using it the proper way.

Entrepreneur magazine has a 12 -step program that will teach you new ways to make your use of Linkedin successful.

Don’t snub your nose at LinkedIn.

There are approximately 610 million users of this business-oriented search engine. The trouble is that many users think if they post their profile, they will get a job. The successful users of LinkedIn know how to navigate their way around the program.

Now you can too.

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Entrepreneur: https://apple.news/ADGPkF2vMSq6arwt24BkriA

Our First Time In The JFK Flagship Lounge—Private Dining Room

I’m sitting in the Flagship Lounge at American Airlines, JFK, thinking whether our flight to London, then onto Berlin, will have WiFi. I only had the privilege of having WiFi once when we crossed the ocean. It never happened again.

Coincidentally, I just read a story from the best known writer in the travel business, Peter Greenberg, (yes, we know each other, even though I haven’t seen him in years) that tells you which airlines offer free WiFi.

I thought you should have this information. Peter is known as the Travel Detective. If you travel often, you should follow him on all social media platforms.

Click to learn more about free WiFi on your next flight.


Eliot bought us first class tickets to Berlin. Somehow, he skipped over business class. He claims he doesn’t know how it happened.

When we arrived at the lounge, they escorted us to a private dining room. We just followed instructions and didn’t offer up info that we would have been happy with a bag of peanuts and a coke.

We just completed a delicious dinner that was paired with the best wines. My nerves are calmed a bit, but I will still be questioning every bump once we take off.

Here is what we just ate. Keto perfect.

We are traveling super first class. We have an escort who is picking us up at the lounge and driving us to the gate. The flights cost more than our budget tour through Germany. I do have my priorities.

Robots Fashion Show

Click here to see robot runway show.


Our good friend, Robin Raskin, founder of Living In Digital Times, is in China now at CES Asia. Robin is all about showing off the most innovative products at CES in Vegas and Asia. This week Robin actually created an event called “Robots on the Runway.” Here are a few of runway stars.

Robin Raskin with her robot friends.

XiaoXue is a hostess robot that greets guests at a store’s entrance. It has a voice system, a human-machine interaction system, a facial recognition system, and smart marketing.

GT Wonder Boy is a SMART companion for people of all ages from all different walks of lives. A compact entertainer who can sing and dance.

Amy can follow your voice, respond to directional commands, and interact organically. Amy is trained to recognize you and your voice.

MU MoonBot is a 3 in 1 DIY robot kit with much improved AI. Kids can learn STEAM skills with creatively designing, building, and programming the MoonBot

Google Lens Detector

Life just got a lot more interesting. Thanks to Google, we are going to be able to identify animal, vegetable and minerals all around us. No more walking around oblivious to all of the beautiful things we see everyday.

Google has introduced a new image recognition technology that uses visual analysis to spell out exactly what you are looking at.

Called Google Lens, this exciting new artificial intelligence innovation is located in the Google search box. Look below. The lens is right next to the mic.

I hope I am clearly explaining this new capability because it’s going to be one of your new favorite things to do. I used Google Lens this afternoon to ID some plants and trees. It’s pretty remarkable.

I will admit it takes a little practice to get your smartphone to zoom in on the object. Start with big ones first. Google Lens can also read barcodes, QR codes, labels and text, and show relevant search results and information.

I took the above photo and the one below is Google Lens.


I took the above photo and the one below is Google Lens.

I took the above photo and the one below is Google Lens.

Make Sure We Are Connected On Social Media

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Framing John Delorean ft. Alec Baldwin – Official Trailer I HD I Sundance

Did you catch this story about Peter Max ?

Your Kids Think You’re Addicted to Your Phone

I’m going out to buy Sun-Maid raisins today. What about you?

Ocasio-Cortez enemy of freedom video costs Fresno Grizzlies Sun-Maid sponsorship – The Washington Post

The NRA’s ad agency just ended its 38-year relationship with the gun group | AdAge
Ackerman McQueen said it would stop working with the NRA after 38 years because ‘the NRA’s chaos led us to lose faith’ in the group. 

The Gal Who Is Beautifying Lincoln Road

One of the saddest sights we are faced with now on the streets of America are the vacant retail shops that once housed our favorite things. While the digital world is taking over, the remnants of brick and mortar are really so ugly to look at.

One Miami artist decided to do something about it. Jayda Knight, an artist at Textile & Wall Coverings, and art advisor at Williams McCall Gallery, has created window coverings (staging) for many of the vacant stores on Lincoln Road. Her watercolor designs are made with ink, pen and acrylic.

Jayda is thrilled that her designs are bringing new energy to retail. People walking along Lincoln Road are now looking at one abstract masterpiece after another. It certainly provides a great shopping atmosphere.

Jayda was born in Istanbul, brought up in Geneva, and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design where she was drafted by one of her teacher/advisors to work on set design for Saturday Night Live. Those were the days of Jimmy Fallon.

After many years of working all day and partying all night, she moved to Miami to pursue her career in art. She believes Miami is quickly becoming a serious art city.

Eliot and I met with Jayda today to discuss using one of her designs, or an exclusive one, for the foyer of our condo. Anyone who sees her work wants to be surrounded by them everyday. Eliot and I might get lucky.

Your Car Is No Longer Your Best Friend

Stock Photo – DEN BOSCH, THE NETHERLANDS – MAY 14, 2017: Retro styled rear end of a classic pink Cadillac fifties car in Den Bosch, The Netherlands

For those who read the “New York Times” every day, this is not going to be big news. For those who don’t, this can be startling.

Your beloved automobile knows more about you than perhaps your spouse, children, friends, and business associates.

Yesteryear, you would drive your car and everything that happened in it would remain a secret forever. You could eat a whole Carvel ice cream cake in the front seat and pretend it never happened. You could play hooky from work, and drive around all day, and no one would know the difference.

Today, according to Bill Hanvey, president and chief executive officer of the Auto Care Association, your car “not only knows how much you weigh but also tracks how much weight you gained. Your car also knows how fast you drive, where you live, how many children you have — even financial information. Connect a phone to a car, and it knows who you called and who you texted.”

You can get all of the facts you never realized by clicking on the link below. I warn you in advance, you will never feel the same way about your auto again.

So many of you, who love your car more than you love many other things, may want to sell your wheels immediately and only use a Lyft or Uber.

Oops, that won’t work either. They know everything about you too.

We Take Pictures To Stop Time

I’m not telling you anything that you don’t know. The smartphone gave birth to the selfie. Everyone takes selfies, young and old. People are no longer embarrassed to stand alone, pose, and take a photo of themselves. While it’s a little weird looking, we all have come to accept this as proper social behavior.

The other night, Eliot and I watched a Netflix movie called Kodachrome. We had no idea what it was about, but we like to randomly pick movies. We later discovered from Wikipedia that it was a film during the final days of the photo development system known as Kodachrome.

A famous photographer/father, and his son, drove hundreds of miles to reach the Kansas photo lab before it closed its doors forever. The film is based on A.G. Sulzberger 2010 New York Times article about a dying father wanting to develop his photographs before the lab closed forever.

Ed Harris plays the famous photographer and Jason Sudeikis is his son. When they finally reach the lab, they meet other photo journalists who recognize the Ed Harris character. Being the revered photographer, Ed Harris provides his fans with some profound thoughts about photography.

I was so moved by what he said, I just felt like I had to document it. Here we go.

Here is the video clip that caught my attention and gave me an emotional tug.


Go ahead and take your selfies. Just remember to share them with others.

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