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Frank O’Connell

There is an important reason why you didn’t get that new job, project assignment, sales order, or recognition for your current efforts.

The man who has had probably one of the most successful careers any working professional can ever hope for, tells you why in the current episode of “Lying on the Beach” with TV personality Steve Greenberg and PR expert Lois Whitman.

Frank O’Connell, the man who was the top guy at HBO, Fox Video, Reebok and others, gives you the BEST business advice you will ever get in just 25 minutes. No jargon, no hype— just the facts.

A New App For Those Who Like Thrifting

There is a new online store that the younger folks are gravitating to that I bet you know nothing about. How can that be possible when 15 million young people under 26 years of age are visiting a site called Depop almost everyday?

It was started by 16 year old Luella Roche from Ulster County, New York. She discovered that young folks enjoy buying secondhand items from an app that serves as an international flea market.

Everyone can buy and sell. All you have to do is use your smartphone to take pictures of the treasures you want to sell. A lot of young users, like Luella, are making a lot of money. In an ironic way, they are taking over many of the traditional boutique stores. Luella says she hadn’t asked her parents for money in months. She is making more than they would possibly give her.

She claims that she has two closets, one for her personal clothes, the other for what she sells. Luella said people her age have a different mindset about thrift shopping. She recently found a “DKNY mini-backpack at Goodwill for $3 and sold it on Depop for $70. “It’s really easy”. she says. “Literally anybody can do this.”

Read more in New York Magazine:

Jonah Larson Has Some Hook

Beginner Friendly Baby Blanket With Jonah’s Hands! Crochet Tutorial

At 11 years old, Jonah Larson has 196,00 followers on Instagram. He is also one of the top draws on YouTube. He is not a rock star, an actor, or a comedian.

He is something far more unique and astonishing. Jonah crochets. He started when he was five and soon became one of the most admired crocheters in the country.

He is so good that he sells many of his items and donates the proceeds to the orphanage where he spent his early years. Jonah even created a GoFundMe Page in partnership with the non-profit, Roots Ethiopia, so that “other children and their families can find their passion and achieve their dreams.”

Jonah’s mother said her son “has tackled complex projects that many adults would struggle with. Jonah shares all of his creations, from colorful blankets to an amigurumi octopus, on his popular Instagram account called Jonah’s Hands”.

To purchase

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LA40 – “Warriors For Peace

I’m so proud of the Internet show my young friend, Katerina Cozias, did today. I just wanted to devote a DigiDame post to it.

Katerina did an entire show on the Warriors For Peace (WFP), a theatre company comprised of US military veterans and civilians with a two-fold mission: Provide catharsis for our returning warriors through Shakespeare and promote peace, healing, and foster the principles of global citizenship by bringing veterans of different nations together in the arts.

WFP has a simple philosophy: Who better to promote peace than those who have seen the face of war? Believing that art transcends politics and brings people together, in these tumultuous times that we are living, watch LA40 host Katerina Cozias as she sits down with the members of the WFP theater group to discuss how their projects are designed to build bridges between communities, promote ethnic diversity, empower women, and of course, foster peace. 


Click below to view the show.

Catch the show LIVE, Thursdays at 11am PST / 2pm EST on

To reserve your spot as a feature guest on the talk show LA40, contact media@katerinacozias.comor visit

For more with founder Christopher Loverro and Warriors for Peace Theater Company,

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Irresponsible Out-Of-The-Office Email Replies

Lying On The Beach Podcast

If you want to drive a busy person crazy, just post an out-of-the office email reply that you are on vacation for the week, and then you don’t delete it for many days after you return to work. It happens all the time. Many workers hide behind the out-of-the-office replies because they want to take advantage of this common business practice. TV personality Steve Greenberg and PR expert Lois Whitman-Hess discuss the culprits and why they shouldn’t be working in the digital age.  

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A Window of Opportunity

This video was recorded during a visit to Israel last year.

A Window of Opportunity


I had the privilege of speaking with Rabbi Marc Philippe of Temple Emanu-El of Miami Beach today about the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. I am involved in a musical Kabbalistic project with the Rabbi, and others, that will hopefully bring more peace and harmony in the country.

I asked the Rabbi about the future for all Americans and if the current hostile environment will ever change. By the way, before arriving in Miami, Rabbi Marc was located in El Paso. How is that for a coincidence?

Rabbi Marc wrote the following piece as a response to my question.

“Darkness again”


Mass shootings bringing death, suffering.  Also disbelief, anger, helplessness, fear, despair, all terribly negative emotions.

I won’t tell you anything new by saying negative emotions are not healthy. If maintained, we know these emotions will create some type of dis-ease, psychological or physical. Whichever the dis-ease, it will be highly contagious because negative emotions affect everyone around.


This is how negativity -or evil- gains strength.  Can we turn this around?


Mysticism teaches that every word, every action creates an entity. Not a physical one, but a spiritual one. This is how powerful we all are, because each of these entities            -spiritual beings- has an effect in our physical world. They are pure energy.  We can’t see them, but they strongly influence the world we live in. 

It is easy to understand that some words or actions will create beings of Light, while others will unfortunately create beings of darkness.

Our emotions have the same power. Negative emotions, such as the anger and the words of anger that are said or written after a mass shooting, create beings of darkness and have the terrible effect of giving strength to the evil that already exists in the world.


Are we stuck in a spiraling vicious circle?  Actually not at all.



When the world seems the darkest, there is in fact a window of opportunity. If you find yourself in a dark cave, a small match, a tiny flame has the potential to illuminate the entire place. Likewise, in a time of darkness, a small act of kindness has the potential to illuminate the entire Universe. If you decide to embark on a personal “random-act-of lovingkindness” campaign, YOU have the potential to bring about a new paradigm. You have the power to counteract the darkness that is being brought. Don’t ever underestimate what you can do, it is a super-power. Your positive emotions, words and actions will bring the energy that the world needs for peace.

“Weighted Blankets” Are Trending

Click on the video to see what the TV show, “The Doctors,” has to say about this new trend.

“Weighted blankets” are very popular on Amazon. They come in all shapes, sizes and pricing.

Everyone is always looking for a solution to cure their stress or insomnia. Most recommendations seem endless and complicated.

Lately, there is a lot of talk that “weighted blankets” truly help comfort the soul.

It sounds crazy, but there are stories all over social media that claim therapeutic “weighted blankets” give you a grounding experience.

Just Google “weighted blankets” and read all the theories. What do you have to lose?

The manufacturer I just researched said, “ ‘weighted blankets’ have been used in niche medical communities for many years. But only recently have the measurable health benefits for all started to emerge in new scientific studies. To put it simply, the findings have been amazing: ‘weighted blankets’ have been shown to help people fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Without a prescription, therapeutic training, or changes in their routine.”

“Weighted blankets” should be 7-12% of your body weight in order “to relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. More specifically, gravity uses the power of proprioceptive input (more commonly known as “deep touch pressure stimulation”), a well regarded therapeutic method that stimulates pressure points on the body linked to improved sleep, mood, and relaxation.”

Below is just one of the links I looked at.

Your Childhood Returns

I’m going to take you back to your childhood. Guess what is still around? The erector set. For those who need a little refresher, the erector set was invented in England by Frank Hornby in 1898.

Erector by Meccano was conceived as a model-construction system, based on the principles of mechanical engineering. The sets are comprised of re-usable metal strips, plates, wheels, axles and gears, with nuts and bolts to connect the pieces.

Yes the erector set preceded Legos. It will definitely take users away from their smartphones. Each erector set includes an assortment of parts, instruction manual, double-sided blueprints, maker tool to “hack” the steam system and a reusable box or plastic case for storage.

With an open play system, your children, or grandchildren, can create anything they want. You can purchase a variety of sets on Amazon for $19.99 up to $129.99.

For more info go to:

Send me photos of what you erect.

Sony Dares To Crowdfund

Press on any link to watch a video presentation.

When I first learned that Sony was crowdfunding a new product, I thought I heard wrong. How could a major company be asking the public for money to market a new product? It just doesn’t make sense.

It now makes a whole lot of sense since I understand the concept. If the company is not sure that a new type of product has mass appeal, it let the public decide.

Showcase the product on a Kickstarter or Indigogo type of platform to see if people are interested in buying it. In this case, Sony crowdfunded in Japan, the country where they are headquartered.

The product is a wearable “air conditioner.“ Called the Reon Pocket, the unit slips into a pouch of a special t-shirt. The product sits at the base of your neck where heat is absorbed or emitted to either a lower or higher temperature.

You manually control the temperature of the portable a/c through a mobile app. Sony claims the battery life is 24 hours but tech industry friends say it is much shorter right now.

The Reon Pocket received a lot of support from the Japanese so it will be available March, 2020 at $117. One catch! It will only be sold in Japan.

Another industry friend, who is very close to Sony, said, “There are a bunch of similar unusual projects within Sony, but they do not get funded for production unless they can validate a demand. This process allows Sony to test a new concept without wasting overall corporate funds. By the way, this is not the first attempt at a personal air cooler. I have seen this in 2000. It’s totally a marketing ploy.”

I think the marketing concept is pretty interesting. Let’s see what happens.

It’s Called A Press Event, Let’s Keep It That Way

The “Lying on the Beach” podcast is now on “Stitcher” and “Spotify.” “Tune In,” “Google,” and “Apple” are coming soon.

Photo by Eliot Hess

More and more journalists are talking about not attending certain press parties and conferences because the focus is no longer on them. The rooms are now filled with way too many “here today, gone tomorrow,” social media influencers. They are the ones getting “first class” accessibility to the new products and scoops. Watch out corporate America and event planners. If you keep treating editorial writers and broadcasters like second class citizens, you will find yourselves without high profile coverage. TV personality Steve Greenberg and PR Agent Lois Whitman-Hess discuss the dilemma.

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