This Is The Way To Travel 

No more excuses for not traveling. I found the perfect solution for the following complaints by seniors:

1-I’m too old

2-I can’t walk

3-Too much rushing around.

Would you travel if you could ride on top of your luggage?  That means you can sit on your luggage and it takes you from location to location. You have to see this for yourself on Indiegogo, the crowdsourcing site. 

Called Modobag, the luggage can go as fast as eight mph and reach about six miles before it has to be recharged. 

Modobag will be available early next year for approximately $995. That may seem like a lot of money, but just remember the convenienve you will be getting.

A special note from tech and lifestyle site Mashable. 

“While all of this seems too good to be true, the bag does have some drawbacks. Despite seeming compact (meeting TSA standards) it weights 19 pounds on its own. This may be no sweat for some airlines, but it is something to consider when packing your belongings.”

Isaac Mizrahi 

I find it absolutely incredible that we can now access museum programs at home. I used to be so upset when I missed a particular exhibit or lecture. 

Yes, there is nothing like seeing the museum program live, but there are plenty of positives about viewing the entire presentation online. 

Take the case of Isaac Mizrahi. An entire  exhibit at the Jewish Museum, NYC, is dedicated to his genius. The show is on till August 7th. I no longer have to worry about 

getting there on time. I can see it from the comfort of my couch. Click here for a remarkable portrait of one of America’s most influential designers.  You can also watch a video of Mizrahi talking about his career.

Thank you digital world for making this all possible. 

 Macy’s On Call

If you shop at a Macy’s in Bethesda, Md., Woodbridge, N.J., Portland, Ore; or Miami, Fla., you are in for a big surprise. These Macy’s locations will be giving out digital assistant gadgets to all customers so they can roam around on their own, without having to stop to ask questions from real live employees about “where certain departments are located” or “if a specific garment is in stock.” The gadgets will provide all the answers.  

All this might mean the end to live retail sales assistants (if you can find one), forever. If this pilot program works, Macy’s will be rolling it out across the country. The digital assistants are being powered by IBM Watson

I bet in a year or two, many more retailers will offer the digital tools as well. No more searching for someone to help you. You can now help yourself. 


You Never Have To Buy Another E-Book Again

I’m sure you don’t remember, but in December, 2012, I wrote about libraries across the nation going digital. Read that blog post here.

The other day, my daughter Whitney, emailed me a a story that said The New York Public Library created an app so that anyone with a library card can have access to 300,000 e-books. Yes, free. 

That’s such good news to all of us who love to read digital books. I tried to download a book but I’m not a library member so I was denied access. I’d better enroll this week. Remember, you are not buying, you are borrowing.

The app is called SimplyE and you can only read an Ebook on your smartphone.  Sooner or later, the books will be available on a Kindle.  

Libraries have really reinvented themselves. They refuse to go away. That’s good news for all of us.

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Launching A Celebrity Auction

Auction Begins July 15 at

Today is the day. We are launching the Waterpik® celebrity auction to support Hope Lives. The charity provides those touched by breast cancer, the support, knowledge, and care needed to complement their medical treatment. 

Waterpik® has provided celebrities a Waterpik® Designer Series Water Flosser to decorate in their own unique style for an online auction to raise money for this important cause. 

Our PR agency created the idea and is now responsible for making it a success. We could use your help just by participating in the online auction.

Each month Waterpik® will auction off a different Waterpik® Water Flosser, designed and personalized by popular celebrities. One hundred percent of the auction proceeds will benefit Hope Lives.

The first piece to be auctioned off is designed by Tim Allen, one of America’s great actors and comedians. The auction begins July 15, 2016, and bids will be taken for ten days. In addition to the decorated and signed Waterpik® Water Flosser, Tim Allen is including two signed headshots and two limited-edition Tim Allen Tool Kits for the lucky winner. 

 During the month of August, the Waterpik® Charity Auction features a piece designed by the four-time Emmy-nominated Mayim Bialik, best known for her lead role in the NBC show Blossom and more recently as Amy Farrah Fowler in the CBS hit comedy The Big Bang Theory.

 Suzanne Carranza, Senior Marketing Manager for Waterpik® Consumer Oral Health said, “Hope Lives is an amazing charitable organization in Colorado where Waterpik® is headquartered. The charity does so much for women in Colorado, providing not only emotional support, but a full complementary care program to help breast cancer survivors manage their daily routines. Waterpik® supports Hope Lives throughout the year through sales of our Pink Designer Series Water Flossers. This celebrity auction is one more way for us to do our part to help.” 

Waterpik® has partnered with Auction Cause, the leader in cause marketing campaigns, branding, and fundraising which utilizes the eBay platform to run and manage auctions. Auction Cause is an eBay partner and the leader in charity auctions featured on eBay. More information about the Waterpik® auctions can be found at


About Water Pik, Inc.

Water Pik, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative personal healthcare products sold under the Waterpik® name. The company has developed and introduced many products that are considered the first of their kind and have led to the formation of new markets, including the Water Flosser, and the pulsating shower massage. The Waterpik® brand is one of the most trusted oral health brands of dental professionals throughout the world. The company’s products are sold through a variety of channels, including mass merchandisers, drug store chains, and specialty retailers. Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, the company operates facilities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

About Hope Lives
Hope Lives, The Lydia Dody Breast Cancer Support Center, was founded in 2001 by Lydia Dody, a Fort Collins, CO businesswoman who had battled breast cancer. After her recovery, Lydia wanted to ensure that the women in Larimer County and Windsor, CO diagnosed each year receive complete post-diagnosis support and care. 


“Nobody in the way stood a chance.”

Sizing Up Fonts 

I just heard about new gadget being developed that will definitely impact the world of design. Called Spector, the instrument will be able to  scan printed text anywhere and identify the name of the font and shade of color. This is going to a dream come true for anyone in the art world that spends hours trying to match type face and size.

The idea for Spector comes from inventor Fiona O’Leary for her final graduation project at the Royal College of Art in London. 

You really should watch the video to see how it works. Spector simply takes a picture of the type face and then compares it to its enormous database of fonts. A Spector compatible plug-in sends the type size to the software program of your choice.

I will let you know when this becomes available. Also read about this in CNET.

Caseco Bluetooth Beanies ! 

There may be a heat wave out there, but if I don’t remember to tell you about these Caseco beanies now, I just might forget when the weather gets cold.

I found this company at CE Week, a recent trade show. I couldn’t believe my eyes. These cute little wool hats with Bluetooth speakers built into the fabric. You can listen to music or even talk on your cell. You will hear everything for six hours. Then you need to recharge the built-in batteries. Fifty-five styles to choose from. Here are a few. Available on Amazon

My Work With Breakthrough Miami 

For the last few days, I have been diligently working to get editorial coverage for Breakthrough Miami, an academic enrichment program for promising students from low-income homes in the Miami-Dade County communities. 

I thought I would share my activities with you because I am so proud of what Breakthough Miami has been doing in the world of tech.

The students are participating in a three week summer program, called Project Growlight, at FIU College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS) on Lincoln Road, one of the largest art/design-oriented 3D printing centers in the United States. The students work with faculty and students from FIU’s Department of Architecture on design projects similar to those that first-year college students pursue.


David Rifkind, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Students, College of Communication, Architecture + the Arts Florida International University and the Coordinator for Project Growlight, said, “This program introduces the students to digital modeling and 3D printing. They use software applications that allow them to create items in 3D and print them in plastic. Using Makerbot 3D printers, the students made models of kiosks and benches, and full-size cups. They were taught to think creatively and develop critical problem solving skills.”

Project Growlight, was created by Elissa Vanaver, CEO, Breakthrough Miami and John Stuart, AIA, Associate Dean for Cultural and Community Engagement, FIU College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts and Executive Director, Miami Beach Urban Studios.

 Breakthrough Miami is 25 years old this year and nearly 1,300 middle and high-school students benefit from the school-year and summer programs the organization runs across the county. Saturday and summer programs operate year-round on the campuses of Ransom Everglades, Miami Country Day, Palmer Trinity, Carrollton and Gulliver and the University of Miami

The pilot for Project Growlight has been funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, with matching funds from Philanthropy Miami.

I will let you know my progress.