Getting Ready For Prime Time   

Juan Carlos Zapata is fearless. He is determined to reach new target audiences as a real estate broker. This is the first time that JC has ever taped a video of his pitch. He has no formal training, but wants to take advantage of digital marketing. 

That means once he is satisfied with one of his video presentations, he will distribute it to potential customers, other referral brokers, the press, architects, real estate developers, friends and family, who will help him spread the word about his ability to successfully buy and sell properties. 

Before you judge his attempt, let me remind you that some of the most successful digital marketers today defy the textbooks that teach us formal presentations. The biggest YouTube stars are those who have unique personalities, are very animated, sound a little funny, but have something to say.

Video stars have interesting content. Every YouTube personality has to find his or her own niche. Juan Carlos wanted a video to show his honesty. That’s why the videos are iPhone 6 Plus homemade with me at the controls. Once JC finds his stride, he will upgrade his video crew, hire hair/makeup artists, and lighting experts. Till then, it’s me and my mobile device.

The Next Time You Are In Miami

Remind me to take you to Little Havana the next time you are in Miami. I really mean Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street/Tamiami Trail). It’s known as the neighborhood for Cuban exiles, perhaps the largest in the world. The street life is filled with restaurants, music and cultural activities.

Tonight, the four of us, Ruth, Howard, Eliot and myself, wanted Cuban Food so we ended up in Exquisito, right in the middle of all of the street action.


After dinner Ruth suggested we stop by  Cuba Ocho, a Cuban cultural and research center, which also features great tapas and diversified music. 


The minute we arrived at Cuba Ocho, I spotted a desk lamp on top of the bar that I adored. When I asked the price, I was introduced to one of the owners of Cuba Ocho, Yeney Ramos. 

Yeney explained that her husband, Roberto Ramos, 44, fled Cuba in 1992 with a boat stuffed with valuable works of his Cuban art. The walls of Cuba Ocho are covered with Ramos’ personal collection of paintings and books from Cuba’s prerevolutionary era. Some of his pieces are being shown in museums all over the U.S. He is also known for creating the coffee table book, “The Great Masters of Cuban Art.” 

Yeney Ramos 


The table tops are absolutely unique. What a way to experience art.  


Center stage for all kinds of musicians. Thursday night is salsa  (yes, dancing too) and Fridays are the battle of the rock bands.

The next few slides show this magnificent exhibition center. The place is a gem and it might become our home, away from home. I’m glad we found it. 




Finally, A GoPro For Me 

What took you so long GoPro? You finally created an easier way to use your cameras. For years, you had these sophisticated units  that were just too complicated for me to use. You practically had to be a professional digital editor to create a video.

I was one of your first customers. I loved the idea of wearing a camera so I could take a video of everything I saw during the day. I was so loyal. Over the years, I bought several units hoping to master your editing process. To no avail. Now, I hear you finally became user friendly. Bravo!

I’m thrilled that you now have an on-camera trimming feature that produces short clips. I can also edit on the companion mobile app. This is true for the full-size Hero4, the Hero4 Session and the other WiFi-capable GoPros. They can now produce five, 15 or 30-second videos. 

This is great news for everyone who loves to take videos. Read more about it in Digital Trends. Watch the above video, too. 


Kayne West Announces 2020 Presidential Candidacy At MTV Music Video Awards 

Before I get into today’s post, I wanted to show you what tropical storm Erika looked like on MacArthur Causeway today in Miami. No biggie.  Thank goodness.   
Eliot and I truly went out of our comfort zone tonight watching the MTV Music Video Awards. To us, it was just a lot of noise. To many of our (DigiDame readers) children and grandchildren, this is the music that inspires them. It is very difficult for us to relate to the words and the sounds of the music. We were also clueless listening to Kayne West’s speech when he accepted the mighty Vanguard Award. He ranted random thoughts with no continuity. Just when I thought I understood what he was saying, he moved on to another subject. At the very end, he announced he was running for President of the United States in 2020. Taylor Swift immediately endorsed him. On a positive note, most of the young music makers today underscored their belief in equality.  Hooray for that. 

 Miley Cyrus hosted the awards in her outrageous, see-all outfits.  
Then Kayne West with his very pregnant wife, Kim Kardashian, took center stage.

  Nicki Minaj was very much a Kim lookalike.

Britany Spears was tame compared to others.    
Saved the best for last–Kelly Osbourne.  Now, that’s a hairdo.  


Happy Birthday Eliot 💋💋💋

  August 30th.   Celebration Day.


I’ve been saving these videos to share with you. 

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, who are co-writing a screenplay about two sisters, made a surprise appearance during Billy Joel’s Wrigley Field concert in Chicago Thursday.  

Are these clouds or balloons in London? Pretty miraculous. 

Bill Cunningham, of the New York Times, loves these handbags

Childhood Memories

This video is totally obscene 

NY Taxi Cabs Fight Back 

Photos provided by Arro.

I’m surprised this didn’t happen before. Crain’s New York just reported that yellow and green taxis in the city that never sleeps have a new app that will compete with Uber. Called Arro, the smartphone app promises to be less expensive and more efficient than Uber.

I immediately went to the App Store to download Arro. Oops, I found out it’s not ready yet, but will be a few weeks. Seven thousand cabs will be involved in the initial rollout and then the entire industry will join in. If successful in New York, other cities with a big taxi fleet will be using Arro as well.

The Crain’s story explains that Arro has a good chance of competing against Uber because of its partnership with Creative Mobile Technologies, the tech company that is already working with thousands of NYC taxis. 

I combed through all the news on Arro to see what their big appeal will be. I found it. If they want to be successful, they have to let potential riders know that their fares will not fluctuate in peak hours. Current meters will determine the price.

This is going to be interesting.







Crafts And Seek 

Your creative side just became a bit more organized. Esty, the popular, online craft shop, just announced a major improvement to its mobile app. As of this very moment, the “shop local” feature, has been added to let users know where to find craft  products in pop-up neighborhood locations.

The “shop local” feature was always available on Esty’s website, but that wasn’t very convenient for crafts people who are always on-the-go, hunting for new items. The mobile app will be continuously updated so users can even find local retailers who are having special craft specials. 

Even though no one would describe me as me as a person who does crafts, I do love checking out local goods and finding unique items. I always feel like I am the last to know about a nearby arts and crafts show. We always seem to stumble upon them.

Now, all I have to do is open my Esty app and get a glimpse of every crafts event in the area. I can also use the app’s built-in map to see what’s happening in other areas of the country. Pretty cool.

I have been shopping Esty online craft products for years. I’m glad they’re progressive enough to promote live events. It just makes sense to have both options. 

Thank you 

Remarkable Photos/Videos 

Miami is the lightning capital. We had a spectacular show tonight. Intense. Photo by Eliot Hess.       


I found this on Facebook. It belongs to a friend of a friend. You must see the reaction of this five year old boy when he finds out his mother is pregnant. I am trying to imagine what he will be like as an adult. Amazing!

The leading lady of CES, Karen Chupka, posted this picture of a Budda made out of sardine cans. This is on display at the Hong Kong International Airport.