Jonathan Poretz: Chapter Two

I don’t want to write too much here. I want you to watch the emotional video that will tell you why Jonathan went from being a PR executive to becoming Frank Sinatra. 

Jonathan worked at HWH PR for a few years. He did some amazing work at our agency but nothing prepared me for this transformation. He tells his story beautifully. I hope this inspires others to reinvent themselves, no matter how old they are.


Case Solved 

This is the guy who tried to steal the yacht I wrote about the other day. We finally found out what happened. 

The New Normal 

My Broadway producer friend, Ted Seifman, visited us this past Saturday from New York. When he was on his way home on Sunday evening, he had a Kodak moment at the Ft Lauderdale airport. I had to share it with you..

From Ted, 

“Here is another one of my inflight mass emails. 

I’m currently on a flight from Ft Lauderdale to NY. Before we boarded, there was a two year old, not only looking at an iPhone, but scrolling and choosing what videos she wanted (photo 1). 

But wait, it gets better! I take my seat, and next to me, is 20 month old who’s doing the same thing after putting her earplugs in (photo 2). 

In addition, what these two “infants” had in common, was that they also knew how to find their favorites on YouTube!  There really isn’t much more to say. Hope y’all are swell and not feeling as old as I do right now. 

Much love, Ted 


Ted is standing next to Eliot in the photo below. He brought his friend Tom Miller, who lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, along for dinner. We all thought it was funny to stand in front of the “elderly”sign. 

Tom told us he had amazing art work on his body, but didn’t talk about it a lot. Tom is an executive at a major company, a devoted son, a serious art collector, and a volunteer for the needy. 

Tom is far right.

Tom is on the right. I guess he is serious about tattoos. I found his photos on his Facebook page


The Best Halloween Decoration I Have Seen So Far. Go ahead, click. It is so much fun to watch.

The Presidential Election

The Presidential Election: Does Hacked Equal Rigged? Shelly Palmer, a popular tech writer and TV personality, provides Americans with his report on the possibility that this election could be rigged. 

He said, “Anything that can be hacked will be hacked. Electronic voting machines are no exception. Which raises the question, “Could you hack enough electronic voting machines to influence (rig) the outcome of the upcoming presidential election?”

For the entire story, click here. 

And on Twitter …..

Click here for more information.

Click here  for the New Yorker story.

Podcast Reveals Innovative Products 

TV tech personality Steve Greenberg just returned from CEATEC in Japan. CEATEC (pronounced “C-Tech”) stands for the “Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies.” It is the Japanese equivalent of the Consumer Electronics Show in the U.S. or CeBIT in Europe. Steve was asked to attend the show so that he could be a member of the judging committee that identifies the most innovative products exhibited. Steve found some amazing new discoveries and talked about them with PR honcho Lois Whitman, in this edition of Lying on the Beach.

Click here to hear the podcast.

Amazon Is Going To Put A Drone In Your Pocket 


You may not believe me, but the majority of DigiDame readers will own a personal drone within the next few years. Amazon recently announced they secured a patent for a voice-controlled drone that fits in your pocket. 

Before you start groaning that you will be using yet another gadget, this new personal assistant could be very helpful to us as we get older.

Amazon said the new personal drones will assist us in ways we never thought possible. It will help us find a lost car in a parking lot, runaway grandchildren in a park, and friends at a concert. We will be able to operate the personal drones by  voice commands or via a companion app. The price has not been set yet.

Amazon said the mini drones will also be used by police as assistants to record videos when needed and to follow suspects on a chase. There are many other commercial uses that will become evident as the months go by. 

Amazon reminded everyone that many of the uses they are projecting aren’t legal yet, but will be sometime in the future. Amazon said they only want to pursue drone uses that are safe and make sense.

The Call For Help

I was just about to fall asleep on Saturday night, October 9th, when I heard someone screaming, “Help, help, help” over and over. Eliot and I jumped out of bed and ran to our bedroom window which looks over the Miami Beach Marina. We couldn’t believe our eyes. 

An 80-foot Hatteras (a yacht called Mimi) was out-of-control, going back-and-forth, like a bumper car, banging into six other docked boats. We later found out, the guy yelling for help, was in his cabin in one of the boats being attacked. We called the police. So did many other condo dwellers who heard the same cries for help. 

The Miami Herald had the story the next day. It turns out, that a wannabe pirate, managed to steal the $3.2 million yacht but didn’t know how to drive it. He crashed it so many times it started to sink. The thief jumped into the water and swam away. The Coast Guard is still looking for him. 

Eliot documented the accident, the investigation, the rescue and then the departure. All this took place over a 10-day period.  Click here for the Miami Herald story. Also watch the CBS video coverage above.

Photos by Eliot Hess

Someone tried to steal the Mimi.

After the thief swam away, a helicopter arrived to shed light on the situation.

The police, the coast guard, an ambulance, fire engines, and news crews, surrounded the Mimi for hours.

Many people in our building, and neighboring ones, watched the events unfold all night.

This is what we found the next morning.

The yacht was placed on its side for further investigation.

A few days later, a huge barge showed up to get the yacht ready for transport.

Eliot called the Mimi a black-and-white cookie. The part of the boat that was submerged was filled with sand.

Preparations to remove the vessel took days.

A safety net was used to make sure the Mimi didn’t sink again.

A huge crane started to lift the yacht so it could be placed on the barge.

A smaller barge was brought in to carry the yacht out of the marina.

Mimi started its departure.

As the Mimi was being pulled away, we admitted we were going to miss the action.

We hope the Mimi gets restored.

The Mimi leaves the marina.

If You Can’t Tell Us What Your Company Does In Less Than 30 Seconds, You’re Not Going To Succeed

It’s never too late to start a business. I don’t care how old you are. Let’s hope you’re smart enough. If you plan to do a start -up, be sure to listen to our Lying on the Beach podcast. 

Most founders of start-ups can’t describe what their companies do in less than 30 seconds. Most executives at well-known establishments can’t either. They go on and on. In today’s world, most folks have short attention spans. Serious business people better be able to spell out the winning facts, fast. 

This is so important for attracting strategic partners, editorial interviews, and social networking. Here is advice from a major TV personality, Steve Greenberg, and yours truly,  who talk about this topic on our podcast, Lying on the Beach.

Click here. 

My Next Project  

I’m looking for anyone who knows how to arm knit. YouTube is loaded with how-to videos, but it would be so much fun to find someone who can offer first-hand experience. 

You knit these giant fluffy blankets with your full arms

Arm Knitting: Basic Blanket Tutorial

How to Arm Knit a Blanket in 45 Minutes with Simply Maggie (with out takes

Meanwhile, I continue to color. I’m in the middle of these two projects.

The Wynwood Coloring Book