Artist And Film Director Julian Schnabel Reveals Creative Tidbits About His New Vincent Van Gogh Flick

The last thing I wanted to do tonight was see another movie about artist Vincent Van Gogh. We ventured out anyway to our favorite movie house, the Coral Gables Art Cinema, because they secured a Skype interview with the movie’s director. Julian Schnabel called into the theater from Sweden after we viewed At Eternity’s Gate.


It was so interesting to listen to artist Schnabel talk about artist Van Gogh. Schnabel gave his perspective on how an artist views his or her work. You are no longer just looking at a pretty picture . You are looking at how an artist views the world. The camera work was amazing too. Schnabel shot scenes from angles you are not use to seeing. The portrayal of Van Gogh by Willem Dafoe was surreal. Hollywood feels this is Defoe’s best role yet. Let’s see what happens during the movie awards.

The video is 29 minutes. It’s pretty ironic that Schnabel didn’t realize his laptop was not showing his full face. It wasn’t till the end that Schnabel corrected the view. I hope you can watch the video. For some reason I couldn’t transfer it to YouTube. I will try again tomorrow.

A surprise dinner was waiting for all moviegoers.

The Top 2018 Netflix TV And Film Titles

You are not going to believe this. Your favorite Netflix show didn’t make the most popular list.

How do I know?

Take a look at the list. Tell me if any of these titles were your first choice. None of my favorites were picked. I find this all very strange. Mashable, a tech site, revealed the most popular titles.



Here is a list of TV and film stars who dramatically increased their Instagram followers because of their appearances on Netflix during the year.

1 The Fab Five (Queer Eye)

2 Lana Condor (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before)

3 Joel Courtney (The Kissing Booth)

4 Miguel Herrán (Elite / La Casa de Papel)

5 Jaime Lorente Lopez (Elite / La Casa de Papel)

6 Maria Pedraza (Elite / La Casa de Papel)

7 Noah Centineo (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Sierra Burgess is a Loser)

8 Joey King (The Kissing Booth)

9 Hannah Gadsby (Nanette)

10 Kiernan Shipka (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Any comments?

First Look At Nude Video On Top of the Great Pyramid of Giza

If you have been watching the news lately, you know about the photographer, and his girl friend, who climbed the Great Pyramid in Egypt recently so he could take a topless video of her. We have the first look at this couple who did this unthinkable act.

Here they are !!!

This lady knows all kinds of tricks.

They even had an accomplice.

Now Egyptian authorities are investigating the video and demanding it be removed from. YouTube.

The New York Post said the video features a woman taking her top off at the pyramid’s summit, which is 481 feet tall. The pyramid is 4,500 years old and this has never happened before.

The New York Post also said, “The photographer’s stunt has spread on social media and has drawn outrage by locals in a predominantly Muslim country.”

The photographer said, “The stunt was done all in the name of his art.”

Click here for the story in the New York Post.

Then they rode off into the sunset.

Our Pal Kent Karosen

It’s been a tough four days. Our friend Kent Karosen, 53 years old, died while we were visiting him in a Miami hospital last Thursday. Yesterday was the funeral. People from Miami and New York filled Temple Emanu-EL to say goodbye to Kent. It was quite an elaborate funeral with police (cars and motorcycles) escorting us from Temple to Cemetery. Howard Lutnick, CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, (Kent’s boss) gave a powerful speech about how Kent has been helping all of the Cantor Fitzgerald 658 families since the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, and how devoted he is to raising funds for the Fisher Center of Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

One of Broadway’s Jersey Boys, Matt Bogart, sang, “There’s A Place For Us.” Kent, and husband Brian, were very close to the Temple’s Rabbi, Marc-Philippe and his wife Valerie. It was a very emotional day. We are going to miss Kent big time.


Bringing Art Basel To You

I know that most of you are wondering why so many people love contemporary art. The only explanation I can give you is that most pieces are colorful, are thought-provoking, and have lots of energy. You may not agree, but I can honestly say other types of art don’t energize me the way these do. I guess it’s all about your personality. I need bright, abstract art surrounding me in order to feel positive. A close girl friend said she was underwhelmed by many of the pieces she viewed at the Miami Art Fairs. I can understand her feelings even though I get the opposite vibes.

Watch this NBC Miami TV report.

Day And Night

This gorgeous sculpture (Claudio Ciarvolo) is in front of Temple Emanu-El on Washington Avenue and 17th Street, across from the Miami Convention Center. It’s going to be our go to place to remind us of our dear friend Kent who we lost today. We hope to remain close to husband Brian who is a prince of a man. Kent enlisted me to be on the board of the Fisher Institute for Alzheimer’s Research and the publicist for his recent children’s book.

Kent (l) and Brian

Today At Art Basel

This sculpture by Dada Khanyisa, Capetown, South Africa, being shown at Art Basel, will hopefully be the big winner for us. The companion piece was purchased by Jorge Perez, for Perez Art Museum of Miami. We loved our choice when we saw it a few weeks ago at the Fountainhead Residency. Now it’s ours. Eliot and I feel one day we will get a call for our sculpture to be shown in the Khanyisa collection at some museum as well. Fingers crossed.

Art Basel Buddies

It’s always wonderful bumping into friends at an art exhibit.Today we were lucky to catch up with the very talented artist, John DeFaro (l) art restorer, Viviana Dominguez, (second from right) and a group of their friends.

I turned the corner in the front hall at Art Basel and saw architect Bruce Danzer of Provincetown.

Art Lovers Are Works Of Art


Bonnie, Please Shut Your Blinds

My girl friend Bonnie lives on the 30th floor of a high rise with beautiful views of NYC. Being that high up brings her lots of freedom because she doesn’t have neighbors peeking in.

That was the case yesterday. Today, Bonnie may have a police drone checking her out. It was just announced that the NYPD will be using drones for hostage situations, remote crime scenes, incidents involving hazardous materials, monitoring crowds at large events and collision documentation.

The drones include 11 DJI Mavic Pro quadcopters for tactical operations, a pair of DJI Matrice 210 RTK quadcopters for 3D mapping in search and rescue work, and a DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter for training.

NYC is not the first to use drones for safety purposes. While the use of drones in many cases are restricted, the NYPD is allowed to use them in emergency situations. A lawyer for the Civil Liberties Union said not enough is being done to prevent misuse.

This should get interesting.

Read more about it in CNET.

Move Over Elton John

Thank you Sunny Sessa for allowing me to share Sammy’s talents with the DigiDame audience. This video brought absolute joy to me and everyone I showed it to you.

Eliot and I went to see “The Ferryman” Saturday night. Of course, we enjoyed it very much, but we had a star sighting right next to us. This 80 year old plus couple looks damn good.

Takes One to Know One!

I’ve sure gotten old!

I’ve had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement, new knees, fought prostate cancer and diabetes.  I’m half blind, can’t hear anything quieter than a jet engine,

take 40 different medications that

make me dizzy, winded, and subject to

blackouts.  Have bouts with dementia.

Have poor circulation; hardly feel my

hands and feet anymore.  Can’t remember

if I’m 85 or 92.  Have lost all my friends.

But, thank God, I still have my driver’s license

Heated Jackets

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