Mexico City, A Contemporary Art Town

It’s very late on Friday night. We are an hour behind Miami. We started at 10am and got back to our room just before midnight. The group we are with just headed off to a jazz club. Eliot and I can’t wait to climb into bed.

Yes, the group is much younger than us. They are VC’s, analysts and lawyers. They all love art and spend their life collecting and traveling. They have a sophistication that I wish I had at their age.

I think it comes from being involved in the art world. Through art you get involved with people from all over the globe and you really learn to appreciate their different cultures. I wish most people had the opportunity to do this. We would all be living a happier life in peace and harmony.

You don’t have to know a thing about art to appreciate it. You buy what you like. Mexico City is a major hub for contemporary art. We have met so many people from all over the world who have transplanted themselves here because this is where the action is for building a reputation, networking, and having your work seen on a global basis.

Put it on your bucket list.

A New Type Of Houseboat

Every time Eliot and I were on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach recently, we saw a floating mansion next to Star Island. Several boat shows were in town so we felt this new type of houseboat had something to do with that.

Today we found out that the 4,300 square foot floating home was built by a company called Arkup and is selling for over $7 million. Arkup is a manufacturer of fully solar-electric, mobile and self-elevating livable yachts.

I bet this new concept catches on. I can’t wait to step inside.


Want to see more? Click here.

Evan Reinheimer – Kite Aerial Photography.

We saw a lot of interesting exhibits at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival on Saturday afternoon, but the one that interested us the most was a photographer who takes “Kite Aerial Photography.”

Eliot, my friend Brian Hauserman, and I were amazed by the ingenuity of Evan Reinheimer of Patchogue, Long Island.

Evan, an award-winning photographer, flies kites which hold his cameras so he can snap aerial photos all over the globe. It’s a great technique to show new photographic angles.

I asked Evan why he doesn’t use drones. He said kites are much more flexible and he is totally committed to the art form. Kites allow him to fly close to his subjects without danger. He knows exactly what type of kite he needs depending on the winds of the day.

His website explains, “ Evan uses a variety of high end advanced compact cameras. The camera sits in a rig that is suspended from the kite line. The camera sends a live video feed to Evan on the ground and the rig has an electronic servo that allows him to compose the photograph.”

Evan certainly has an interesting life and certainly provides us with a new view.

Where Bubbie Used To Live

I’m not sure if this documentary will ever appear in your hometown, but if it does, please don’t miss it. “The Last Resort” is a film about the thousands of Jewish retirees, many of them Holocaust survivors, who lived in South Beach in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

We attended a red carpet ceremony for the movie tonight at the Coral Gables Art Cinema. It was simply wonderful to be reminded how South Beach became home to the largest group of older Jewish people in the U.S. during the 70s. The movie referred to the area as the “shtetl under the sun.” Yiddish was the main language.

The movie was co-directed by Miami residents Dennis Scholl and Kareem Tabsch. They featured photographers Andy Sweet and Gary Monroe, two Miami Beach college graduates, who wanted to document the old-world Jewish community that had taken hold in their hometown. They took thousands of photos. Unfortunately, Sweet was murdered in his early 30s. A recently published coffee table book features their story and photographs. (Thank you Gail and Dawn for my copy).

The documentary also included interviews with Miami locals including historian Susan Gladstone, former Miami Herald reporter Edna Buchanan, filmmaker Kelly Reichardt and Books & Books founder Mitchell Kaplan.

Look closely. One of these seniors could belong to you.

Retailers Are Rating You

Do you know your CLV score? I bet you have no idea what I am talking about. More and more retailers are rating you. They are judging your behavior. It’s called “Customer Lifetime Value.”

Can you imagine that? The people where you shop are talking about you, kind of like the drivers for Lyft and Uber who rate you after every ride. I certainly hope you know about that.

CLV is a little more complicated. Participating retailers are sizing you up to see how much more money they can make off of you. If you are loyal, buy more and more, and frequently show up online and offline, you are going to get better pricing, service, and better merchandise.

I suggest you watch the video to better understand exactly what I am talking about. It’s a whole new retail world.

Will It Be A Happy Valentine’s Day For Jeff Bezos?

The girl friend (l), Bezos, and the wife.

One would think that a guy as smart as Jeff Bezos would know never to text a photo of his private parts over the Internet. You would hope that the world’s richest guy would have some common sense. He knows exactly how the Internet works. He probably would have been the first to tell you that the chances of someone getting their hands on your provocative photos on the Internet is pretty much a guarantee.

So why didn’t that stop Romeo? Like a lot of very successful men and women, he thought he could get away with it. He let himself believe that Lauren Sanchez was really interested in what he had between his legs. As Bill Maher pointed out last Friday night, “the only thing between Bezos’ legs that Sanchez was interested in was his wallet.” Hahaha.

Bezos thinks he is once again the powerful one because he is going after David Pecker of American Media, for extortion and blackmail. He said that “Pecker’s organization threatened to publish intimate photos of him and Lauren Sánchez if he did not stop his investigation into how his text messages and other photos had been leaked to the National Enquirer.”

Is Bezos that naïve that it never occurred to him that his girlfriend could share those photos with others? Again, this is a self-made man, the richest person in the world. One would think he would make better choices. I really don’t care what Bezos does in his private life, but I am offended that he would take such a public risk.

He is married for 25 years to the woman who helped him build his empire. He is the father of four. I just can’t respect him the way I did. I wanted him to be the ultimate entrepreneurial idol. Now he is just a reminder of the lower standards Americans have become accustomed to.

Bill Maher explains why the photos of Bezos below the belt are real.