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Congratulations Whitney. 

Texts From Theater Teddy 

Artificial Intelligence 

We had a lot of worries about our careers when we were growing up, but nothing like what our children and grandchildren are about to face. Artificial intelligence is changing the world everyday and, in many cases, doing a better job than humans. I just read in Business Insider that experts believe that there is a 50 percent chance that AI will be better than humans, at more or less, everything in about 45 years.

It was one thing to compete against some smarty pants in a conference room. I can’t imagine competing against a machine. I was always comforted thinking my competition would eventually screw up. What can you wish for about a machine? Someone pulls the plug? That’s if it has a plug. 

Industry experts warn that in the next 10 years AI will takeover translating languages (by 2024), writing high school essays (by 2026), and driving trucks (by 2027).

Click here for the complete Business Insider story 

Atomic Beam Lantern 

When it comes to the world of gadgets, there is always a solution to every problem.

Eliot and I tend to frequent hip hotels for younger guests. We love the energy and the vibes. The hotel rates are usually more affordable and the bar areas are fun meeting places. 

There is, however, one major drawback. The rooms are usually dark, and the bathrooms are even darker. I guess young folks don’t like too much light. I was okay with it for a few years, but lately the darkness is getting on my nerves.

Surprise, surprise. My pal, Steve Greenberg, the Innovation Insider, just featured the Atomic Beam Lantern on his TV gadget tour around the country. This is exactly the gadget I need to see what I am doing in the bathroom, especially for applying my makeup and brushing my hair.

All for $20. 

Memo to Steve: Can you spare one next week when we arrive at the Hudson Hotel? I would love to try it out.

The military-grade lantern is an ultra-bright 360-degree LED portable unit that is waterproof, provides 12 hours of light with 30 bright white LEDs on 3 AA batteries. Pull it up to turn it on. A great advantage is that it stands on a base or it hangs from a built-in handle

Watch Steve demonstrate the lantern on ABC TV in New York..

Beach Gadgets 

One gadget helps you hide your valuables on the beach, the other protects your grandchild, and the third one can save your life. I don’t know if you should truly depend on these gadgets, but I wanted to tell you about them if you are a beach lover.

I live on Miami Beach. While I don’t sit on the sand to bake myself in the sun, I do watch others. Everyone is focused on having fun. Please have a safe and happy summer,

Book Stores Are Alive And Well

This is a collector’s item. Save it. We all know that bookstores are a thing of the past. The Culture Trip, an app, just did a wrap up of 50 unique independent bookstores that are still around the country. My lovely friend, Anne Bloom, just posted the bookstores and locations on Facebook.

So what did I do? I quickly copied her post to deliver you a keepsake. I’m definitely filing this post in a safe spot because I love visiting bookstores. I want to know which city has what. I used to spend hours every weekend roaming through book and record stores. It was my social life. It was cheap, informative and fun. 

Now, we will have Amazon taking over where the independents left off. I don’t know how much fun Amazon will be, but I do know the independent bookstores always offer a different twist in marketing.

Most of the listings below give you the state, the name of a bookstore, a store description, the address and phone number. One or two may be missing a headline, but the copy will give you all the information you need.

Have fun! 

Walt Mossberg 

Walt Mossberg, the most iconic writer/reviewer in the tech industry.

Steve Jobs relied on Walt for his opinions and views.

The tech industry is about to change forever. Walt Mossberg, one of the most prominent and respected journalists in the tech world, is retiring this month. He is exactly my age. I don’t know why he is retiring, other than he wants to do other things with the rest of his life.

His last tech column is not to be missed. I’ve included it here because it will give you a great sense of where the industry is going. It’s called “The Disappearing Computer.” You can access it here. Walt claims that tech “was once always in your way. Soon, it will be almost invisible.” 

I was going to cut and paste some of his copy here because I wanted to make sure you read it. Then I realized, I’m just going to have to trust you. 

Pussyhat Project Cofounder Now Knitting Thousands Of Blankets For Refugees 

The woman who started this……..

… starting this.

Jayna Zweiman, cofounder of Pussyhat Project, has started a new initiative called “Welcome Blanket.” Jayna wants thousands of Americans, or anyone in the world, to make enough blankets to cover the length of President Donald Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall. Jayna is projecting that it will take 2000 miles of knitted yarn over three months. 

Start knitting.

Each blanket should measure 40 inches by 40 inches and contain 1,200 yards of yarn. Jayna said, “That means participants will need to craft 3,200 blankets collectively to reach about 3.5 million yards of yarn used — or 2,000 miles.”

Kat Coyle, the designer of the original pattern for the pussyhat, also designed the patterns for “Welcome Blanket.” In addition to creating a blanket, Jayda wants everyone to include a note detailing their own family immigrant story.

Click here for patterns.

Finished blankets and notes will be on display at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago. This will start in July. The cutoff date is August 20th. The completed 2,000 miles of blankets will go on display by September. 

At the end of the show, blankets will be distributed to refugee resettlement organizations. 

This is simply wonderful. I want to make a blanket. Who can help me? 

Read more in Mashable.

Chew On This 

Why is it that every time you go out to eat with friends, the conversation always turns to dieting.  There you are, shoving pasta, bread, and desserts down your throat, while everyone is giving their theory on how to lose weight. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I hate it. 

That’s why I am delivering news on a weight loss program that Lester Holt, anchor of NBC Nightly News, announced tonight. The segment is called “Sewing Machine Surgery,” weight loss without cutting or Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty which  reduces the size of your stomach.

It’s a whole new technology. 

You can read all about it here or watch the video above. Just do me a favor. No more diet talk while I am chowing down.    

Audio Cassettes Are Making A Comeback 

Image: Put It On Video

I thought audio cassettes were dead. I never wanted to see them again. My friend, Richie Grand, had several walls in his Queens, NY co-op lined with cassettes, neatly stacked in custom-made bookshelves.  I used to tell him to get rid of them. It looked old fashioned.

I even told him to digitize all of his music so he could easily access his albums from the convenience of his smartphone. He eventually listened to me, or to someone else, because one day he announced that they were all gone. Richie is a big music lover so this was quite a major transformation.

Now Forbes Magazine reports cassettes are getting popular again. Folks admit they like their sound. Billboard claims that the best selling cassette of 2016 was the Guardians Of The Galaxy with 4,000 copies sold. The other big cassette hits were Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP, and Prince and the Revolution’s legendary Purple Rain.

Artists with big budgets will probably produce cassettes for some new albums. The only trouble is that most Americans discarded their players and they are not buying new ones. 

Vinyl is another story. That format is really doing well again and is showing a lot of promise for the future. Americans just love their music on Vinyl because of the superior quality of the sound. Check out why some believe Vinyl is the most consumer-friendly high-resolution format around. Click here.

I promote high resolution music players like Astell&Kern. I predict that hi res will be the winning format as prices come down for the players. It’s the truest studio sound quality. It’s just a matter of time.

The Verge, a popular news site, also covered the audio cassette popularity story. I suggest you read both stories for a better perspective on the subject.

Pictorial Essay Of Hanna’s  Graduation 


​​Hanna hugs her mother as she walks down the aisle.

​​Hanna makes her grand entrance.

​Hanna receives her diploma.

Hanna’s grandparents, Frayne and Sandor Rosenfield.

Hanna’s parents, Jeff and Beth.

Hanna with Fredrick, Lois, Whitney and Eliot 

Us again

One more time 

Hanna’s devoted and dedicated uncles Larry, Darren, George, and Chris.

Meet Steve Guttenberg 

You probably thought I was talking about the actor, Steve Guttenberg. Nope. I’m talking about Steve Guttenberg, the audiophile. 

Wikipedia defines an audiophile as “a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction. Audiophile values may be applied at all stages of music reproduction: the initial audio recording, the production process, and the playback, which is usually in a home setting.”

Steve is one of the most respected audiophiles in the business. If you go to an audio trade show, you usually see a crowd surrounding him. Everyone is interested in his opinions about new products, his thoughts about the future of music, and how not to spend a fortune, yet get the best sounds out of a home system. 

I have been very fortunate to know many audiophiles during my 50-year career. Many of them have been good friends of mine because we worked so closely promoting stereo sound. I got really lucky when I met Steve. He has been very generous with his knowledge of music and has always offered to explain things to me in the simplest of terms. He has a way with words. 

Stereophile, a leading magazine that covers high-end audio, recently asked Guttenberg to spell out his perspective on a variety of audio-related topics. He defines the term “audiophile,” while describing why the sounds of music are so important to him.

Give yourself a treat. Watch the video. If you love music, you will love it even more after you hear Steve describes how he listens to music, what it means to him, and names some of the best equipment in the business.  

Guttenberg is a true treasure in both the music and audio business. He is passionate, honest and a great story teller. Enjoy!