Finding Your Truth

Sara and Katerina

Click here to view the recent LA40 show. 

The reason why I liked this particular show so much is because host Katerina Cozias, of LA40, interviewed spiritual leader, Sara Landon. Katerina’s show is all about giving yourself the opportunity to make the changes you want to in life, no matter how old you are. This holds true for lifestyle and career. It’s never too late for Chapter Two.

Too many seniors are still not happy with the choices they made in their lives. I hear complaints all the time. While I’m not really into practicing spiritual rituals on a daily basis, I surely believe in mediation and its benefits. I also truly believe that I am the only one who could make me happy. I wish others understood how to get out of their funk and to believe in themselves. We don’t have time to waste.

You don’t have to believe in anyone other than yourself. When you hear what Sara had to say, try not to judge her for being so confident in her wisdom.  The key is to appreciate the thoughts she shares and the joy you can achieve. 

I hope you listen and enjoy.

Sara Landon is a globally celebrated transformational leader, spiritual teacher, and channel of The Council. She is also an inspirational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and business strategy consultant. Her vision is to help create an awakened world and inspire the rapid manifestation of The New Earth. She believes through self-transformation, spiritual awakening, intentional manifestation, and conscious living, everyone can create a joyous, abundant, harmonious life. 

Her numerous books and courses include Manifesting Your Soul’s Desires, The Secret To Everything Your Want: Health, Wealth, and Relationships, Remembering The Truth Of You, Opening The Doors To Your Abundance, Realizing Your Perfect Health, The Role Of The Conscious Man In An Awakening World, and Addictions: A New Perspective On Your Wholeness.

My New Friend 

AvatarMind iPal™ Robot

He And She AvatarMind iPal™ Robots

I was walking the aisles of CES in Las Vegas when all of a sudden I saw the future, the AvatarMind iPal™ Robot. I knew immediately that this was an innovation I wanted to be associated with as soon as possible.

As luck would have it, the first person I approached at the iPal booth turned out to be the CEO. He told me he is marketing the iPal for the  children, elder care, hospitality and retail market.
You are one of the first humans to see this robot. Check out the video 


iPal is a fun companion. It can talk, dance, tell stories, play games, encourage physical activity, and enable them to chat with friends, share videos, and safely connect to the internet and social media.


iPal is a teacher for their children with spoken language learning and tablet-based educational programs, providing educational content in an engaging manner that supports social development and encourages interest in science and technology. Parents can remotely control iPal and monitor their child’s safety and activity on their smartphone or desktop from anywhere and at any time.

​Elder Companionship/Care

Many elders are alone and lonely. They often have problems keeping track of everyday activities, such as taking their medicine. iPal is a constant companion that supplements personal care services and provides security with alerts for many medical emergencies such as falling down.


An example is a chain of children’s stores where iPal greets children when they come in the door, entertains them, tells them about products, etc. Another is as a concierge/greeter in hotels to provide guests with a higher level of personal service.

I’ll let you know about future developments. The iPal Robots will be available mid-year.

Stories I wanted to share with you.

1-The biggest Ikea in the U.S. will open next month in Burbank – Curbed LA. Click here for story.

2-Don’t miss this one. Seth Meyers Interviews Kellyanne Conway About President-Elect Trump

Earbuds That Help You Hear

Company video 

My CES video interview 

I have a solution for seniors who have some hearing problems, but are not quite ready for hearing aids. I was introduced to the IQbuds at CES. They are a combination of wireless headphones and a hearing aid.

Made by a company called Nuheara from Perth, Australia, the Bluetooth IQbuds are capable of cancelling out ambient noise yet amplifying the human voice. You can also use them for hands-free calls, streaming of music, and to personalize a user’s experience

They sell for $199.00.

RIP Steven McDonald, Paralyzed Officer Who Championed Forgiveness, Dies at 59

Stephen was the brother of Owen McDonald and cousin of Danny McDonald. Eliot and I worked with both Owen and Danny in the 1970’s and are still in touch with them. Stephen, a New York City police officer, was shot in Central Park in 1986.The McDonalds are a big, wonderful family. You can read all about Stephen here

Volkswagen Wants A Million Electric Cars On The Road By 2025

Here we go again. Hippie time. Volkswagen is planning to bring back the 194-inch long boxy van that we all know so well. The original, rear-engined bus was launched in 1950. 

The new bus is nothing like the old.  It’s powered by a pair of electric motors that provide 369 horsepower to all four wheels. That means the bus can travel as far as 270 miles of range.
The Beatle-type bus may even become an autonomous driving model. The spokeless steering wheel retracts into the dash at the simple push of the round VW logo. There is space for eight passengers over three rows .

Read more about it in Digital Trends, a well-respected tech site. Click here.


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My Children New Year’s Eve 

Meryl Streep Gave The Speech Of Her, Our Lifetime At Golden Globes 

We are living in very strange times. Meryl Streep reminds us not to tolerate bullies, and people who support them. Thank you Meryl for being a leader in this effort. 


Brooke Wanser of the Las Vegas Review Journal

Brooke Wanser and me at the Luxe Cafe, Palazzo, Hotel, Las Vegas.


There are five decades between us, yet Las Vegas Review Journal Brooke Wanser and I had no lull in our conversation when she came to interview me about being the only one to attend 50 years of CES trade shows. I had such a good time talking to her. It was like reliving my career as a journalist again as she told me about her newspaper beats. I thank Brooke over and over for my profile story.

Here it is. 

Tech reporter turned PR maven celebrates 50th anniversary attending CES | Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Click her

CES Attractions 

Hi-res holographic visuals were a Showstopper at CES., based in London, was offering their Hypervision holograms for retailers, advertising, trade shows, events, showrooms, etc. Watch the video. It’s quite amazing.

If You Want A Butt Case, Let Me Know. Watch The Demo. No Joke. Click on link.

Full Disclosure: My Client

If you attend CES, be prepared for long bus lines 

It’s Baby Time

Bloomlife got a lot of attention at CES, primarily because women with big stomachs were walking around showing off their automatic track and monitoring systems. Bloomlife tells pregnant women the frequency and duration of their labor contractions. It’s a  personalized digital pregnancy wearable.  

The concept is brand new. The company is only renting the monitor for the last trimester at $149.00. While some future moms may not feel that this gizmo is necessary, I bet most will love ❤️ it.  There’s nothing like having a little reassurance that’s it’s time to head to the hospital. I did a video with a company executive giving a fast synopsis of the product,  and I also posted a Bloomlife one which gives you great insight. 

I stayed at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas this year. Our new favorite.  

Wallpaper TV 

Image: LG Electronics

LG Electronics introduced its first Picture on Wall “wallpaper” TV at CES. This is pretty  miraculous.  David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics USA, said the new W7 series measures just one-tenth of an inch in depth at the 65-inch screen size.  It attaches to the wall via magnetic brackets that leave no gap between the wall and the TV.  It’s like looking through a window.”

Customers will be able to see the new LG Signature W7 at seven Magnolia locations at Best Buy across the country: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Boca Raton, Fla., and Paramus, N.J.


Another 50 Year CES Celebration

My Bootcamp Radio Interview 

Hi Lois. Thanks for taking time out to chat on Bootcamp radio! Here’s a link to the full interview. Click here

Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards,



Light Therapy 

I went looking for Apira Science of Boca Raton, FL, at CES, because I heard that they are  recognized as one of the global leaders in aesthetic light-based therapies. I really thought light therapy was voodoo until I heard Jonathan Graff, director of clinical research and education, at Apira Science, explain the technology.

Instead of trying to capture the details of what he said about growing hair and reducing wrinkles, I thought you should hear it for yourself. Please play the video.

Apira is truly a pioneer in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of low-level light therapy  systems and devices for the consumer market. They claim that their iGrow product increased hair counts of more than 35%, following only 16 weeks of iGrow light therapy. Pretty impressive! 

Let’s hope that Iderma is a great anti-aging solution. It’s all in the lighting.



In-Home Eye Exam

I arrived in Las Vegas this afternoon for the 2017 CES. I have already done 12,999 steps looking at the latest innovations. The one I want to tell you about immediately is the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker. This is the first in-home vision testing system that features an optical miniscope and a smartphone application so you can now get corrective vision measurements whenever, and wherever, you choose. 

“Now you can take your eye measurements at home and then order a pair of eye glasses,” said John A. Serri, PhD, founder of EyeQue. He said he feels that it’s very important to keep track of your of your vision. “EyeQue is not meant to replace the eye doctor. It’s meant to be a support system for between eye doctor visits.”

Read more about EyeQue in the company’s press release. Click here

I also included an official video interview I did with Dr. Serri. 

Here is the official product video.