Robots In Your Future

Boston Dynamics is going to change your impression of what robots will be able to do for you. They seem creepy at first, but they will soon become familiar creatures for both home and commercial use.

Watch the videos. These robots will be on sale next year. Boston Dynamics is a spin-off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They developed the first robots that can run and maneuver like animals.

Mother’s Day

Lunch at the Print Hotel and the RBG documentary after. Q and A with the movie director after. A perfect day orchestrated by Whitney and Fredrick. Photos by Steve.

Godmother Bonnie between the redheads

Eliot, Fredrick and Steve

What a beautiful day!

Happy Mother’s Day

My parents are pictured to the right. My aunt and uncle are to the left. I have shown this picture before in DigiDame. It’s one of my favorites. It means so much to me. The four of them were very close. I hope they have each other in the afterlife. We love and miss them all so much. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.

Leggo my Eggo

Embarrassing to admit, but I get breakfast in bed everyday. It’s usually comprised of two rice cakes with low sugar jelly, coffee with half and half, and brown sugar.

I’m not an egg person, but if I were, I would want the “LEGO Breakfast Machine.” It can fry bacon, crack eggs and scramble them. Yum.

It was created by a financial company called The Brick Wall. The video demonstrates a couple of different egg combination. Go for it.

One Of The Boys In The Band, 1968

Larry Luckinbill, at home in Palm


Larry and his wife, Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill, with my family, last Thanksgiving, in Palm Springs.

I’m forever the PR person. I couldn’t help myself. When I heard that my pal, actor Larry Luckinbill, was going to the opening night of Boys in the Band on Broadway later this month, I jumped at the chance to tell the press. The minute I issued a media alert, every Broadway writer called me to interview Larry.

Larry is one of three actors who are still alive from the original production of Boys in the Band. Larry played Hank in the original workshop (January, 1968), then the Off-B’way production that followed it (March or April, 1968), then the London company (late 1969), followed by the shooting of the film in NYC (1970), at Hy Brown’s studio (affiliated with CBS).

The others, who are still alive, are Peter White (who played Alan), and Mart Crowley, the author. All of the other actors died of AIDS except for Cliff Gorman (Emory) who had a brain disease.  All of the original production crew–including the producers–died of AIDS.  The original director died of AIDS.

Larry said it was a 60’s-70’s-80’s epidemic.  “And it was so bad in part because gay folks were so targeted, and therefore so closeted.  Epidemics thrive on ignorance and lack of information–and the gay population was generally hidden away from general notice.  Now, it’s all different–but it’s instructive to go back and look and see what misery closeting and isolating and turning whole groups of humans into pariahs makes.”

Larry was the first actor to say yes to being in it. Mart Crowley (writer) and Larry met when they were both in college. Larry said the play was a powerful agent for social change and social justice during the Off-B’way run. He saw the effect it had on people, including his conservative, Roman Catholic, Southerner parents.  It confirmed for him, “What an actor’s mission should be–to search out and appear in work that has the potential to change lives in some positive way,”

He has spent the last two days doing interviews with print, broadcast, and internet media. More to come. If you Google Larry’s name, you will start to see the interviews appear. The press loves Larry, and Larry loves them. This is such a nice experience.


Underwater Photos From Galapagos

From the minute my cousin Jeff Young, from Sherman Oaks, California, found out that Eliot and I were going to the Galapagos, he urged us to buy an under water camera. We did and the photos below are the results of being capable to snorkel and capture life under the sea that few of us ever see.

Eliot was disappointed with his first attempt because it was difficult to shoot the fish swimming by. Eliot is going to try video next time. We saw the video one of the naturalists took and it made a major difference.

In any case, we want to thank cousin Jeff for the camera recommendation and for the books he sent us on Charles Darwin, and pamphlets that showed us what birds to look for. That made a big difference in our trip. After all, what do city kids know about the Lava Heron, Doves, Rails, Flycatchers, and Mockingbirds? Thank you Jeff!

Temple Emanuel Features A Legend

I’m not sure how I found out that 91 year old Mel Brooks was going to be performing at Temple Emanuel in New York City tonight. I’m glad I did, because it was like watching a lifelong friend reminisce about years that you spent together.

Eliot and I flew from Miami Beach to NYC this morning because we have several events taking place this week. We made sure we were in Manhattan early today because we absolutely wanted to see Mel Books in his golden age.

Our friend Steve Greenberg joined us for what will be one of Mel’s final gigs in the next few years. The main takeaway was that working and performing well into your ’90s helps keep you sharp and focused.

Two thousand people showed up to pay tribute to one of the most talented people in Hollywood. The forum of a very reformed temple was just the most perfect setting for Mel Brooks to tell Jewish shtick from his 60-plus years in comedy.

Someone from the audience asked him if he wore briefs or jockeys. He responded, “It depends.” (The adult diaper). The audience went wild. Several times during the night the audience broke out into thunderous applausez, and finally at the end, he received a much deserved and loving standing ovation.

Mel Brooks was totally alert and profound on stage. It was amazing to watch him because he didn’t skip a beat, or miss an opportunity, to make fun of himself. All photos and videos by Steve Greenberg.

New Google Maps Updates

I’m always amazed how well Google works. We set our destination when we get in the car, and the Google voice gives us precise directions. Even when we make a mistake, Google corrects us. Occasionally, Google takes the long way to where we are going, but that doesn’t happen too often.


Now, I just found out that Google Maps will be adding several “exploration features” that many other companies tried to develop but were never accomplished. No doubt, Google will make it work.


One of the new upgrades is recommendations when you arrive in a new neighborhood or city. Right now we use Trip Advisor for local suggestions, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what Google has to say.


Another upgrade is restaurant recommendations. All the new “trending” restaurants will be listed, as well as others in the same food and price category. The recommendations will also stress seasonal establishments like ice cream parlors, or outdoor restaurants.


Artificial intelligence will also help identify places you will like because of past preferences. If you liked a certain group of places in the past, Google Maps will figure out similar tastes. The book and fashion industry already do that, so Google should have no trouble making suggestions. We will take them all.

I Hope I’m Around To See This

I first saw this slide show months ago. I couldn’t decide if it was a joke, or it was for real. When I did some research, I learned that Richard Branson was on a mission to save animals. I became fascinated. I always thought killing other living things, so we can eat, was a little weird. I accepted that was the only way we could survive.

Then I read that Branson believed there was an alternative. There are many stories about Branson’s determination. You can read one particular story in Forbes. Click here. This is going to be very interesting to watch.

Should The Galapagos Be On Your Bucket List?

Many family and friends have asked me just how fabulous the Galapagos is, and is it worth the trip? I’m going to “yes” right off the bat because anytime you can see wildlife in their natural habitat, it’s a treat. This is probably truer for a gal who grew up in a city atmosphere than those who were raised in rural areas.

The natural beauty of the unspoiled islands make you realize what this Earth is all about and what we are doing to mistreat it. The Galapagos naturalists make you wonder why while some of us devote ourselves to the land, and the rest of us are not even aware of what makes the Earth tick.

The following photos, taken by Eliot Hess, give you a sense of the beauty that awaits you.This set of photos were taken on Española, the southernmost of the Galápagos Islands. It’s also one of the oldest. Geologists day it’s about four million years old.

A 31 Year Relationship

My friend Maurice de Hond is probably one of the most famous people in the Netherlands. You can’t walk around most places in Amsterdam without him being recognized. If you are Dutch, you know Maurice.

Most of his fame comes from being a TV personality. He is a pollster, a computer expert, and the founder of School Suites, a start-up that promotes personalized learning in the school system. Maurice believes that each child should be educated on his or her own individual talents and interests. The days of mass learning in a traditional classroom is over. The transformation will take place over the next decade. Click here to read all about it. He travels all over the world giving lectures about it.

He is also working with a cancer research company that will have a big announcement in the not-to-distant future. Keep your fingers crossed. We may beat this disease in our lifetime.

Maurice and I met though business but have remained friends for 31 years. We usually see each other once a year and speak to each other via email, social media and phone calls. Eliot and I also know Maurice’s adult children and their families.

Maurice is pictured with his wife Mari and daughter Daphne in the above photo. Maurice met Mari on his trip to Cuba almost 13 years ago. He went there to learn how to Salsa dance, and came back to Amsterdam with a bride.

We have all gotten together a number of times on both sides of the ocean. I’m thankful for the Internet because without it, we never would have maintained such close ties. I have done other profiles on Maurice before in DigiDame. This won’t be the last.

Pictures taken at Wynwood Walls.

A Facebook Gift

This video was created by Facebook about my trip to the Galapagos. I opened my Facebook account today and there it was. Interesting to note, some of these photos were never posted on Facebook. They were taken from my camera roll on my iPhone. Watch out what you store on your phone. Facebook can grab them.

Photos on your camera roll are stored by city, and by date. It’s not that difficult for a software program to capture a group of photos that are related to each other. The video did have one mistake and I was able to eliminate the photo from another story.

I’m pretty proud that I was able to take the video off of Facebook and post it here. That was something I couldn’t do before. All I had to do was save the video to my camera roll, then turn it into a YouTube video on my channel, and then post it here. It was so simple.