Shoes That Talk

I just had to tell you about a man and his company that just may change the entire footwear industry. You can meet Karim Oumnia in the above video. He is the founder of Glagla Shoes, based in Nancy, France,

Glagla is the first ventilated-connected shoe company by inventing Digitsole, a digital sole that fits inside any regular shoe size and also has Bluetooth capabilities so that it’s totally connected.

Glagla told Business Insider that a companion smartphone app communicates with new insole in order “to track your day, warm your feet to a desired temperature, track how many steps you’ve taken during the day, check the calories burned, the distance walked as well as your current altitude.”

I had the pleasure of talking to Karim on the phone this afternoon. He hopes to have full distribution late this year and promises that the Digitsole will be offering many new features every few months. He said, “Our feet will never be the same.”



Images from Business Insider

Kara Swisher Interviews Barack Obama

It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is, I hope you will agree that it is pretty remarkable that Kara Swisher, executive editor at Re/code, the leading tech publication, secured an interview with President Barack Obama.

Obama was in Silicon Valley last Friday to speak at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection.

Below are videos of that interview and click here to read the questions and answers.

Networking With Deeny Kaplan Lorber



Deeny and Ken Lorber, owners of The Kitchen

Over 40 friends showed up for our first networking party in Miami. We call it our senior tweetup. The main purpose was for friends to meet friends and business folks to network.

The discussion was led by Deeny Kaplan Lorber, Executive Vice President of The Kitchen. Deeny runs one of the most successful entertainment companies in the United States (along with husband Ken). She recently wrote a book called “Waiting At Joe’s,” the inner workings and personal stories about the most adored waiters at the world famous restaurant.

The event was hosted by yours truly and Gary Greenberg, Management Consultant. Eliot and I have hosted political and business salons in New York. This is just the beginning for Miami.











Talk Softly, and Carry No Selfie Stick

I love that headline from the New York Times story about a growing number of museums prohibiting selfie sticks. It has become pretty apparent to museum administrators that they don’t want the masses waving those sticks anywhere near their precious treasures.

Eliot and Steve Greenberg trying to maneuver the selfie stick so it doesn’t show in the photo.

As indicated by the New York Times article,
The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, are the most vocal about forbidding selfie sticks.

I don’t blame them. I own one and I can see how unwieldy it can be. They are fun to use a few times, but you are far better off asking someone else to take your photo. Everyone I know who tried a selfie device gave it up because it just took too long to unfold and set up, take the photo, and maneuver the smartphone camera so you didn’t see the stick.

On top of that, the sticks are just another thing to carry around. Did you ever notice, as we are getting older, we don’t want to carry any excess baggage? I drove Eliot crazy to buy just the right one for me. He bought two, just so I can figure out which one I liked best. They are now both stored on the bottom of my closet.

Juan Carlos and yours truly look like we are fishing.

MouthWatch, An Oral Health Camera


Every time I'm about to go to the dentist, I truly wonder if I absolutely need to. Everything feels okay, so why go to the dentist to look for trouble.

I know that what I just said doesn’t make sense, but for some reason many folks feel the same way. Now there is a mouth camera that allows patients to actually see plague buildup plus other conditions that will force them to go the dentist on a more regular basis.

Brant Herman, chief executive of startup MouthWatch, said his company makes Intraoral, or mouth cameras, that are priced at $199 (the competition is priced at $2,000) so patients can buy them from their dentist. The whole purpose is to let patients see what dentists see. Yuck!!

I just found out that about 600 dental practices use the cameras. My dentist, Bruce Blau, reads DigiDame. I’m curious to find out what he thinks. I will let you know.

Love It, Or List It

My friend, Dr. Williams Lucena, gave me a gift that I have been looking for over 20 years. I know that you don’t believe me, because what could I have been possibly looking for so long? It’s called a digital task manager. It’s actually a “things to do” list.

After carefully listening to my needs, Williams identified Wunderlist as the task manager that could present my lists in the ways I needed them to show up. Williams, a mental health counselor (he was a psychiatrist in his hometown of Caracas) and a sex therapist, also uses lists to help organize his practice. He was able to pinpoint the task manager I needed after looking at the ones he recently used. For some crazy reason, I didn’t know about Wunderlist.

There are many “things to do” lists available, but none of them offer a specific feature I needed. Most of the time, I was forced to use pen and paper because I could never find a task manger that allowed me to create one master list and then take each item and put them into separate client folders. The ability to have one master list, and then be able to categorize them into groups, is a type of organization tool I need to work on 15 to 20 projects at the same time. I know that this feature may seem pretty routine, but trust me, task managers don’t offer this kind of flexibility. Wunderlist allows me to be organized my way.

Thank you Williams. It’s comforting and wonderful to know that you were willing to take the time to find this golden treasure for me.

No Internet Last Night

I’m not sure what happened last night but my Internet was not working. No Internet, no DigiDame. I wrote my daily blog post, but the email blast never went out, I can see by the stats that most of you just went to the DigiDame website to see if I wrote something.

I did write a post and it is important that you read it on “God’s Bankers, A History of Money and Power at the Vatican.” This book is getting a lot of attention because of its subject matter. All you have to do is scroll down to read what I wrote.

I think I will also use this opportunity to post some recent photos.

New fashion designs at Art Wynwood.

A panel of gallerists at Books & Books talking about collecting art.





God’s Bankers


When I first heard about “God’s Bankers, A History of Money and Power at the Vatican,” which reveals some deep dark secrets about the history of the Vatican’s finances, I immediately thought to myself, “who would have the nerve to author something like that? Let me introduce you to my Miami neighbor, Gerald Posner, 60, who worked on this book along with his wife Trisha, (an author in her own right) on-and-off for the last nine years.

Today Gerald emailed me amazing news. His book climbed to number 13 on the New York Times best selling list. It debuted less than a week ago. This follows a major feature in the Wall Street Journal that spotlighted the book’s efforts to get Pope Francis to open files at the Vatican that should reveal the church’s financial dealings with Hitler.

A number of folks asked me if the Posners are worried about anyone attacking them because of the subject matter. “You can’t be an investigative reporter and worry about that,” he said. “I worry more about crossing the street.” Look at the list of books (below this post) Posner has written before, and some of them are just as provoking.

I asked Gerald about how the Internet has changed the life of the investigative reporter. He said that for a historical book like God’s Bankers, many of the files he needed have not yet been digitized. He therefore traveled to many foreign cities to gather information. “You can’t be an armchair investigative reporter. You have to get out to talk to people who might know something or go to government agencies to comb their files and random paperwork.”

Posner admits that maybe, five years from now, all files will be online. Strangely enough, he is not totally thrilled with that. “If all my research is available online, that means I could possibly work around the clock. There is always one more thing to look up. I would never sleep.”

Posner did reveal the sites he uses for his research. Make sure you check back to compare your research resources against his.


1-Mengele: The Complete Story (1986)

2-Warlords of Crime: Chinese Secret Societies

3-The New Mafia (1988)

4-Bio-Assassins (1989)

5- Assassination of JFK (1993)

6-Citizen Perot: His Life and Times (1996)

7-Killing the Dream: James Earl Ray and the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1998)

8-Why America Slept: The Failure to Prevent 9/11

9-Motown: Music, Money, Sex, and Power (Music of the Great Lakes) (2003)

10-Secrets of the Kingdom: The Inside Story of the Saudi-U.S. Connection (2005)

11-Miami Babylon: Crime, Wealth and Power –

12-A Dispatch From the Beach (2009)

13-God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican (2015) Simon & Schuster

Announcing Eliot Hess Photography Website

It was totally weird writing Eliot’s bio for his new photography website. I never realized how much he accomplished. When I finished writing it, I started to chuckle, “Wow, who is this guy?” I didn’t recognize Eliot even though every word in his bio is totally true. The URL is I have a feeling that this website is going to keep re-introducing us to a creative eye none of us really ever knew. The site was conceived and established by Whitney Hess and Fredrick Selby.

Eliot’s bio
Eliot Hess is a collected lifestyle and travel photographer, currently exhibiting at Williams McCall Gallery in Miami Beach. His work reveals the culture, history and beauty of Cuba, Cartagena, India, Morocco, Peru, Croatia, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere throughout Europe. He lives in New York and Miami and travels frequently to photograph.

Eliot is also the co-owner of HWH PR, a leading high tech public relations agency, and author of bestselling The Munchies Eatbook published by Random House. He is also an investor in two upcoming Broadway projects and is one of the largest mystery book collectors in the United States. He and his wife Lois Whitman-Hess have an extensive contemporary art collection including works by Hung Liu and Jefro Williams.

Home page photos







Hackers Can Take Control of Your Car



Picture this. You are driving down the highway at 60 miles an hour when all of a sudden your car speeds up to 90 and you start swerving from lane-to-lane. You try to slow the car down but you have lost all control over the vehicle.

Welcome to the world of connected technology. It seems that all of the computer bells and whistles that you fancied your car up with, is now a field day for hackers,

A report was issued today by Edward J. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, that said, “There is a clear lack of appropriate security measures to protect drivers against hackers who may be able to take control of a vehicle or hackers who wish to collect and use personal driver information.”

There were several stories about this today in The New York Times, CNBC, and The Washington Post.

Good luck to all of us.