Red Light Patrol

The expression, “There’s an app for that” certainly applies to a new mobile app that helps you locate the red-light cameras that are monitoring your driving habits in 130 cities around the county.  I’m not sure I like this app. 

I like the idea that if someone is running a red light, he or she gets caught. I am always concerned that aggressive drivers are going to jump the light when perpendicular to me. Now they are going to temporarily behave when they know the authorities are watching them.

RedflexLocator is free. Future versions will feature audio alerts and GPS capabilities. As strange as this may sound, Redflex Traffic Systems created the app as well as installed the cameras. The company feels the cameras are there to enforce safety and the app is to remind you to slow down.

Am I the only one who sees a conflict? Perhaps not,  if the cameras and app saves lives.

Flying Cars Are Only Two Years Away 

We are living in a world where science fiction is becoming a reality. I don’t know about you, but I feel totally lucky to be alive to witness some of the biggest technological advances in the world.

By 2017, some of us will be driving flying cars. How cool is that?  A Slovakian company called AeroMobil will be introducing the first two-seater flying vehicle. The CEO and co-founder of the company, Juraj Vaculik, made the announcement at Souh by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, TX.

The AeroMobil will have a flight speeds of 100 mph, a flying range of 430 miles, and will go as high as 9,800 feet. The flying car will fit in a normal parking spot and use grass for take offs and landings. Retail price? A few hundred thousand dollars, so don’t give up your current car just yet.


Sharing Videos

The first video has been circulating around  Facebook. A site called is urging everyone to share this video just in case “you find yourself in a situation where your hands are duct taped together. The following video will show you a quick and easy technique to escape.”

The next video shows Shark Tank Robert Herjavec in his first appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Money Dances.

Time flies. I remember Rumer Willis as the young daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Tonight she beat everyone out on Dancing With The Stars.


Checks For Harmful Elements

Good news for all my friends who only want to eat true organic food. BioSensor Laboratorues is working on a handheld gadget that can check for pesticides and antibiotics in your food. Called Penguin, the laboratory claims it can “check for all harmful elements.” 

This is totally breakthrough technology, so I included a video that precisely demonstrates how it works. I also included editorial from FOX. You will be amazed to see that all you need is a small sampling of food juice to test for a number of ingredients that are destroying your good health. 

Penguin hasn’t determined when they will be shipping the portable device, but it’s not that far off. Personally, I’m looking forward to using this in restaurants as well as at home. I think this will be the first time ever, that all interested parties will be able to test the foods they are about to eat, right on-the-spot. 

This should be an interesting process to watch.

Surprising Facts About Seniors

Here are the findings from the Merrill Lynch/Age Wave survey. It ran in Forbes Magazine.

1-Eighty-three percent of those 65 and older who moved last year chose to remain in the same state.  

2-Forty-eight of retirees said they would live in a place with good weather. 

3-About half of people surveyed didn’t downsize at all when they moved.

4-Thirty per cent of those who’ve moved since retiring, upsized their homes mostly to make room for family members to visit or to live with them.

5-Almost two-thirds (67%) of people 65+ said they prefer neighbors of diverse ages and generations. Turns out, only 7% of retirees today live in age-restricted communities.

6-Two thirds of retirees surveyed said they’re living in “the best homes of their lives.”

Times are definitely changing, 

YouTube Warning 

Photo by Eliot Hess

A double rainbow appeared over Miami Beach last night just about dinner time. It was quite spectacular. 

We live in a drone free zone. The residents have been warned not to fly drones and not to post videos of drones on YouTube.

The Federal Aviation Administration sent a cease and desist letter to a  YouTube user who regularly posts drone videos. According to Mashable, a tech site, “‘The note warned him that he was violating drone regulations by using them for commercial purposes without the proper authorization. The drone owner claims that he uses drones purely as a hobby.”

You be the judge. Click here for the entire story.

Who Is On The Other Side Of Your Email


lA few of my Facebook friends were talking to each other online about an app called Sidekick. Did you ever hear of it? Did you ever use it? 

Apparently, all you do is download the Sidekick app and then you get super power email capabilities.

You will receive live notifications if and when  someone opens or clicks on one of your emails.  How wild is that? You can also know “when, how many times, where, and from what device they opened your email.”

The other convenience is that you can also schedule when you want your emails to be sent and delivered in the future. “You can also send reminders to yourself, or make sure that your recipient gets the email, when you want them to get it.”

The Sidekick feature is very important to those who need to know if their messages are being read. I always assumed so, but now I know. 

always assumed so but now I wonder. Sidekick here I come. 

Freezing Scalps During Chemo Preseves Hair

Images from Penguin Cold Caps. 

I have been writing about innovative products for 48 years, first as a trade journalist (11), and then as a PR person (37). Let’s not forget the three plus years I have been blogging about innovation while still running a PR agency.

I must say today is remarkable as I report that many breast cancer patients are wearing a specialized frozen cap during treatments and a few hours after as a way not to lose the hair on their heads.

Most of the major media, including the New York Times, have written stories about the Penguin Cold Cap and the DigniCap. Just google both these names to learn why women are tremendously relieved to learn about this hair-saving treatment.

     To quote the New York Times and a few  
     other media sources,”the cap slows down 
     the metabolic activity of the follicular cells 
     in the hair. That reduces the effects of 
     chemotherapy on the scalp hair.”

     Read more about where the treatments 
     are being given, the costs, the research, 
     and the entire process by clicking here.

This One Is For The Ladies In The House

I’m trying to figure out a tech hook for this blog post but nothing is coming to mind. I wanted to share this story about designer bags vs fake ones because it’s always a topic of interest among my female audience.

I just read a piece in Racked,com that actually spells out how you can tell the difference. I don’t know if I believe everything outlined here. I wanted your opinion. is a fashion site.

I own 10 Louis Vuittons, two of them are fake. I bought my LV’s over the last 40 years. They used to sell the fake ones across the street from Bloomingdales in New York City. I had to buy two of same model for $20 each because they both had defects. Combining the strap from one, with the hardware and material from the other, made one perfect bag. 

I truly don’t think anyone can tell the difference between the phony and the non-phonies. Fashionistas used to tell me the so-called fakes were really real. There were many theories on how and why they were marketed as imitation.

In any case, my LV’s never go out of style and they last forever.  

13 things to know about the Apple Watch

The $10,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition. 

The headline I used for today’s post comes directly from CNN. I ripped it off because I really feel it will prompt you to read the story. It precisely lists all of the benefits that new Apple watch offers. 

My brother emailed the story to me. I’m grateful because, for some reason, I have not paid attention to all of the hoopla. Now that I have read all about it, I definitely want one. There is not a feature on the Apple watch that I need, but it will certainly be fun to have people gather around me to see first hand what the noise is all about, 

I did that to a friend’s friend who was one of first to own the Pebble watch. It was like watching Star Trek. The guy was so popular at the party, he never got to eat. Let’s face it, we are all fascinated by innovation. Most of the time we are disappointed by new introductions because they don’t really make our lives that much better.

In this case, I’m going to be thrilled that I am wearing a watch that is going to tell me my heart beats per minute and how many steps I made that day. I find it utterly fascinating that we live in a time when all this is possible.