Rich Tech Nerds Headed To New Zealand

Bloomberg’s news service recently reported that the rich and famous in Silicon Valley (isn’t that everyone?) are planning to move to New Zealand if the United States starts to look too dangerous for every day life. They feel we are definitely headed in that direction.

One of the favorite topics at dinner parties is how seven Silicon Valley entrepreneurs recently purchased bunkers and had them situated in New Zealand just in case of “an apocalypse — nuclear war, a killer germ, a French Revolution-style uprising targeting the 1 percent.” One very rich nerd confessed, “We plan to hop on a private jet and hunker down. New Zealand is an enemy of no one.”

End of the world fantasies are the new favorite topic among the upwardly mobile. Have a bag packed and be ready to go.

Read more about the migration to New Zealand here.

Do You Know How To Spiral?

It’s not a dance step, or a yoga move. That would be a good guess, but you would be wrong. Here’s a clue. Many cooks are excellent spiralizer users.

You can use a spiralizer to cut vegetables, or fruits, so they look like noodles. It’s a wonderful substitute for pasta. I was told the best spiralizer is the Joseph Joseph Spiro, a 3-in-1 hand-held unit. It comes with three different blades to produce different shapes and sizes.

I know that many of you know about a spiralizer, but I bet the majority of DigiDame readers never heard of it, or forgot about this handy little gadget.

Eliot and I watched several demonstrations recently, and plan to use a spiralizer as often as possible.

Have fun.

Stand Up To Better Health

Every day I hear about another person, over 60, who has back pain. I am beginning to believe that back pain is inevitable for everyone in their senior years.

I just learned that some back pain is totally avoidable, if you just stand, or sit, with proper posture. It is as easy as that. The video explains why. It has something to do with lumbar support.

I hope that many more of us live to a ripe old age with Better Back. It’s a new device that will straighten us out. If we just do this for 15 minutes a day, we can be back pain free.

Fact it fiction? You tell me.

Thank You For 52 Years

Today marks 52 years that I started working. I like to celebrate the day because not everyone can remember their first day of work. Mine was very exciting.

I opened the door to the city room of WWD and HFD and my whole world changed. I went from living in an environment of all Jewish middle class families, to one of the most diversified group of people anyone can hope to meet at one given time.

I consider myself very fortunate that I continue to work with people from all backgrounds so life, never gets boring. There are new surprises all the time. The same thing happens when you travel. You meet people who live different types of lives, yet you find a common ground that bonds you.

A case in point is a young couple, from a suburb of Austin, Texas, that we met on our tour in Ireland. Ari and Brandon were 40 years our junior, yet we had enough in common to keep our conversations going for almost two weeks. We took photos of each other, at this public art sculpture, because we all knew that one day we would want to say “Thank you” for something. This photo would come in very handy.

Today is my day. Thank you September 9th. I hope to see many more of you.

Andre Blay

The death of HWH PR client, Andre Blay, the creator of home video, was recently announced. Andre was the one who thought of putting movies on tape. Our PR agency pioneered the category with Andre’s company Magnetic Video. We reported to Jack Dryer and later Len White. Steve Roberts at Twentieth-Century Fox did the deal with Andre. They were all fabulous to work with. RIP to a very special human being.

Book Exchange

I’m looking for people to participate in a huge book exchange. My favorite librarian started it. You can be anywhere in the world to participate. All you have to do is buy your favorite book (just one) and send it to a stranger.

You’ll receive a maximum of 36 books. It’s going to be so much fun. If you are interested in participating, please let me know. Email me at I will send you the details. Thank you.

Paul McCartney To Play Live YouTube Concert Tonight

Be sure to catch Paul McCartney tonight on YouTube live concert to celebrate his new album, Egypt Station.

The 76-year-old rocker will play songs from his Beatles, Wings and solo days at a

secret venue in New York.

The gig will be streamed at 5 p.m. PT, 8 p.m. ET Friday. That’s 1 a.m. Saturday in the UK and 11 a.m. Saturday in Australia.

Did This Ever Happen To You?

I am writing this so late I have no idea if this post will reach you. I was going to take another day off, but I woke up just before the DigiDame distribution deadline of 3am. I went to sleep very early, and now will probably be up for an hour or two.

That’s okay. I feel very refreshed. I loved this segment of Million Dollar Listing New York because one of the lead real estate brokers, Fredrik Eklund, meets one of his mentors, real estate developer Larry Silverstein, developer of the World Trade Center, (Twin Towers) and now the developer of the rebirth of the entire Ground Zero area.

I can clearly remember meeting some of my tech heroes early on, and being thrilled to know them so I could carry their inspiration with me every work day. Lucky for me, I had quite a few, so I could rotate them as needed. I’m not sure why at this point, in my senior career, it still thrills me. It’s always great to be surrounded by people that give you hopes and dreams, even in retirement. In my opinion, positive energy, keeps many ailments at bay.

I can hope, can’t I?

People Who Need People

I think someone was reading my mind. As we get older, I worry that many of us are going to need a lot more assistance in doing household chores, visiting doctors, and preparing meals.

Obviously, I was not alone in my thoughts. A start-up in Miami has dedicated itself to pairing up college students with seniors who need help. I think this is such a wonderful idea.

Go to if you need assistance. Encourage a college student that you know to get involved. Pricing is outlined on the website. I am told that every student goes through intense training and is completely vetted. I have included a phone number so you can call and ask all kinds of questions.

Looking Back On Our Lives

It’s probably my age, but I love listening to podcasts where baby boomers, or even older people, reflect on their lives. I find out that many of us, rich or poor, famous or unknown, all end up trying to figure out what our lives were all about.

Alec Baldwin, the actor you know so well from his portrayals of Trump on Saturday Night Live, (he desperately wants to be remembered for more serious roles), hosts a podcast called, “Here’s The Thing.” He interviewed Jenn Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone Magazine, just before he sold it last February. I just got around to listening to the interview now.

I wanted to share it with you because it talks about the music we grew up on and how that stays our favorite forever. Most of the interview focuses on his ownership of Rolling Stone, what it was like knowing so many rock stars, and why he decided to start a second family in his 60’s.

Click here to listen to the podcast. (The podcast starts with a quick commercial, then you will hear Alec introducing the interview.)