He Said, She Said 

The first time I saw the Sock Slider commercial on the air, I thought the product was a great idea. I didn’t have to bend down to put on my socks. Eliot looked at me like I was out of my mind. “How lazy can you get?” I thought for a second and said, “Very.”

I have thought about that little conversation a lot. We are getting older. Which route are we going to take as we age? Are we going to think like an older person, or ignore the increasing numbers? Many of our contemporaries live pretty simple lives and have somewhat narrow universes while others are busy exploring new hobbies, traveling around the world, and doing charity work. 

The New York Times recently did a story about how to stop aging mentally by making strong commitments to improving your mind and body.

My friend Mel reminded me that most illnesses in older people come on suddenly, without any warnings. It’s time to start thinking and acting younger. 

Read the New York Times story here