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I have a client, Allen Hirsch, a New York artist, who claims Tim Cook’s 17th century painting  also has HandL 

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple,  announced that he saw an iPhone in a 17th Century Dutch master painting in Amsterdam yesterday.

To see where he made those claims, click here and here.

                                                                                                                  MAllen Hirsch considers himself a kind of reincarnation of the painter, Pieter de Hooch, was not surprised:

“Mr. Cook may be right, but calculating the relaxed angle of the hand, the two curled fingers, the weight of the phone, the guy in the picture is probably using a HandL.” Hirsch was referring to a unique new phone case he invented that allows users to interact with the phone in a gripless, organic way.

Hirsch also shares the special admiration of the painting as Cook does. He after all, owns De Hooch’s earlier version of the picture. “This was his pre-iPhone period,” Hirsch quips.

 “De Hooch uniquely combined interior geometry and doorways with the organic figure which inspired his more famous Delft peer, Johannes Vermeer. I was painting like De Hooch before I even knew him. But when I saw his work, I felt a metaphysical connection- like he was inside of me. 

“This interest in geometry and figure in De Hooch and my work parallels the organic integration of tech and the hand that I pursued in the development of HandL.”

Hirsch owns seminal works by the artist and is working on a paper presenting recent discoveries he made about the artist including proof that he lived beyond the established 1684, and other interesting subject matter hidden in his work (besides iPhones)..

About Allen Hirsch
 Allen Hirsch is a prolific American artist, writer and entrepreneur. Hirsch and his work have been featured on the cover of TIME Magazine five times, has been featured several times in the New York Times and in New York Magazine. He has spent part of the last 20 years painting in jungle huts in Venezuela, creating works that resemble Dutch 17th century imagery. He has also invented new techniques such as string painting and explored brain lateralization in art and on the face. In New York, Allen has developed special real estate and hospitality properties, which include the world famous restaurant La Esquina in Soho. In 1993, he did the inaugural Bill Clinton portrait for Natl Portrait Gallery that also hangs in the White House. Hirsch’s artwork can be seen at http://www.allenhirsch.com

 About HandL

 “HandL creates a whole new gripless experience for phone owners,” noted Hirsch. “I have designed it as a natural extension of our hand, allowing freedom and flexibility in phone handling without dropping fears. I worked to make HandL the simplest, most versatile interface between hand and phone, consisting of a high quality elastic band and finger brace. It feels like the phone is floating in your hand.” HandL phone case reduces wrist pain caused from gripping our phones and allows the user to operate even the large screen phones easily with one hand. This allows a more seamless integration of these devices into our busy, multitasking lifestyles. HandL also ingeniously converts into a portrait and landscape stand.

 The product is currently available for the iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6/6S Plus, and the Samsung Note 4 and Note 3 from $24.99-49.99. HandL is also about to launch other models that will ignite the users’ tactile senses.

HandL phone case can be purchased primarily through its website, http://www.handliberation.com