Unbiased Fashion Opinions 

Amazon wants to be your best friend, the kind that tells you the truth about yourself. The Internet company has a new feature called “Outfit Compare” for Prime customers. Amazon has hired real fashion stylists, with experience in retail and the fashion industry, that can now judge your clothes based on their fit, how the colors complement you and what’s on trend. 

All you have to do upload your photos to Amazon. Amazon suggests taking pics with the same pose and background, though it will also accept full-body mirror selfies. Once you send in your photos, all you have to do is wait for feedback within a few minutes.

By now, you should be wondering why Amazon would offer a service of this kind. It’s simple. Amazon wants to get more involved in the fashion industry. The company launched its own fashion brands last year and also had a fashion and makeup TV show called Style Code Live. 

This is just than beginning. More announcements later this year.