The Next Frontier for the Tech Industry: The Brain and the Ocean

For the last few days I was beginning to believe that the tech industry was getting a little boring. I was on gadget overload. As I combed through the tech sites and blogs for new innovative products and services, I was beginning to believe I had seen it all. There was no more “wow factor,” at least for me. After 47 years of being in the business, I just couldn’t be impressed.

Not so fast. I was just tipped off that I will be able to get my jollies by working for clients who are involved in brain and ocean technologies. Apparently, these are the areas the tech industry feels it must explore. I must say, I am thrilled.

President Barack Obama announced a $100 million initiative for a more advanced understanding of the mind. We all learned in grade school that the brain is the most complex structure in the universe.

Watch the video below. Ann Curry of the Today Show did an interview with a nine-year-old girl who had half her brain removed at the tender age of three. See how she is doing today. Remarkable is an understatement.

I want to get involved in tech companies who want to help expand, cure, and alter brain activities. I feel the same way about the ocean. This may be a great opportunity to feel renewed again.