Tweets from Samsung Exec, SF Plane Crash Survivor


David Eun

Maybe now you will have a whole new respect for Twitter. Many times before, I have written about the virtues of Twitter, never Facebook. They have two different purposes, though they get different bad raps.

Simply put, if you use Twitter correctly you will read news first on this information feed and you will have the opportunity to talk to the news makers themselves. No other communications vehicle can offer you the genius of this short-form blogging.

One of the biggest values of Twitter is the fact that it is live. The minute an event occurs, someone in the world posts information about it.

Such is the case of David Eun, the Samsung executive who was one of the passengers on Asiana Airlines Flight 214 when it crash-landed at the airport in San Francisco. (A little side note. Eliot and I had a bird’s eye view of that runway from our Marriott Hotel room, 1122, on our monthly trips to our Redwood City office a decade ago. Eliot was so fascinated by the drama of watching the takeoffs and landings, he often stayed up to the wee hours of the morning).

The Wall Street Journal quickly pointed out today that Eun’s tweets were the first signs that most people survived despite TV images of flames engulfing the fuselage of the wrecked Boeing 777.

All of Eun’s tweets have been posted below so you can see the story unfold. He has been quiet today other than the last tweet. Eun is well known in Silicon Valley because he previously worked at Google and at AOL.

So far today, he has not granted any conventional interviews. A special message to David Eun from DigiDame and all of our readers: “We are glad you are safe and thank you for your remarkable effort to report the news.”

Anyone who wants to learn Twitter, call me.

David Eun (@Eunner)
7/6/13, 3:13 PM
I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I’m ok. Surreal… (at @flySFO)

David Eun (@Eunner)
7/6/13, 3:23 PM
Fire and rescue people all over the place. They’re evacuating the injured. Haven’t felt this way since 9/11. Trying to help people stay calm. Deep breaths…

David Eun (@Eunner)
7/6/13, 3:33 PM
Lots of activity here. Friends, pls don’t call right now. I’m fine. Most people are totally calm and trying to let the fire and rescue do their jobs. Just like during 9/11, most people are great and try to be helpful in crisis…

David Eun (@Eunner)
7/6/13, 3:55 PM
@kccnn I don’t want to divert attention away from crash. Posted updates to let everyone know that majority of passengers seem ok.

David Eun (@Eunner)
7/6/13, 4:36 PM
At Terminal now. Very grateful I’m ok. Thanks for all your best wishes but please do not call me right now. Will keep everyone posted.

David Eun (@Eunner)
7/6/13, 5:15 PM
Just went through customs. Adrenaline rush is subsiding. Just trying to process all this. Really glad that most everyone I saw seemed ok, with just a few minor injuries. Thinking a lot about family and friends right now. . .

David Eun (@Eunner)
7/6/13, 8:14 PM
LOTS of officials with badges and uniforms but no updates. No communications. Waiting…

David Eun (@Eunner) 7/6/13, 9:31 PM
Just left SFO. Thanks everyone for your support and good wishes! Wishing the best for those who were

David Eun (@Eunner)
7/7/13, 9:33 AM
Feeling a little shaky from yesterday’s experience but strengthened by outpouring of support from all over. Reminded of how connected we all are. Mourning those who died or were injured. Thinking of two little boys who [were] with their mom. Hoping they weren’t too traumatized.