An Art Gallery Aimed At Seniors   

If you read the New York Times last week, then you must have seen the story about an art gallery, in the Chelsea area of New York City, that focuses on exhibiting the work of artists over 60 years of age. 

The minute I read the story, I knew that we had to visit the Carter Burden Gallery, at 548 West 28th Street, to see if they would be interested in exhibiting Eliot’s photos. 

Carter Burden was a very wealthy businessman and a New York City Councilman in the early 1970’s. He served as chairman of the committee on health and championed the betterment of health and housing for the elderly.  

The newspaper article said his father was a great-great-grandson of the railroad and shipping magnate Cornelius W. Vanderbilt and a partner in the family investment-banking firm. His mother was Flobelle Fairbanks, a niece of the actor Douglas Fairbanks.

Today, the mission of the Carter Burden Network is to “promote the well-being of seniors, 60 and older, through a continuum of services, advocacy and volunteer programs in NYC oriented to individual, family and community needs. The Network is dedicated to supporting the efforts of older people to live safely and with dignity.” 

We walked around the gallery for a half hour, looked at the art work, checked out the pricing, and talked to the gallerist in charge. Eliot may have a long wait since there are several hundred applicants. 

We are in no rush, so we just may submit Eliot’s photographs in the next few weeks. Check out The NY Times story to learn about the current exhibit and the artists behind the works. 
Thank you to the late Carter Burden for caring so much about the senior sector.