Madonna Vs. Lady Gaga

I am working on an assignment for a client. We need your opinion. Please answer the following questions – Yes or No.

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 1) Do you think Lady Gaga is a Madonna imitator?

2) Do you think Lady Gaga is more talented than Madonna?

3) Do you think Lady Gaga will be as popular as Madonna at 50 plus?

Thank you.

A tech industry friend, Brad Stone, just wrote a new book, “The Upstarts,” about how certain new companies like Uber and Airbnb are changing the world. He’s the guy who also wrote “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.”  Brad is a senior executive editor at Bloomberg News, based in San Francisco. 

Anyone who is interested in starting a new venture should read this book. I read his Amazon book, which really gave me tremendous insight into how this company evolved.

I plan to start the “Upstarts” this week. I will let you know my thoughts just as soon as I am done.

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The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon


I can’t wait until October 15. The print, Kindle, and Audible editions of “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” will become available. I love biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs. The book is going to tell all of us who don’t know much about Bezos just how he built a $75 billion empire.

The book was written by Brad Stone, a senior writer for Bloomberg Businessweek. I know Brad from his days at The New York Times when he covered technology. He is extremely well respected and very precise, so this book is going to be as close to accurate as you can get.

Bezos was not interested in being interviewed, but he didn’t stop Stone from speaking to hundreds of his closest contacts. As I read an excerpt of the book, featured recently in Businessweek, I soon started to see some uncanny similarities between Bezos and Steve Jobs.

1) No level of tolerance and humiliate those who screw up.

2) Never met their real fathers.

3) Very peculiar. Amazon office desks are repurposed doors. Jobs lived in a house with no furniture.

Amazon will shortly be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Stone says “Amazon rivals Wal-Mart as a store, Apple as a device maker, and IBM as a data services company.”

“In the past few months, Amazon has launched a marketplace in India, opened a website to sell high-end art, introduced another Kindle reading device and three tablet computers, made plans to announce a set-top box for televisions, and funded the pilot episodes of more than a dozen TV shows. Amazon’s marketplace hosts the storefronts of countless smaller retailers; Amazon Web Services handles the computer infrastructure of thousands of technology companies, universities, and government agencies.”

Bezos, 49, surprised everyone last August when he personally bought The Washington Post. He believes he can turn the newspaper around. He also spends one day each week heading his own private rocket ship company, Blue Origin, which seeks to lower the cost of space travel.

Stone’s book is going to be a great read. I look forward to finding out more about Bezos and how he became one of the biggest successes in the digital marketplace.