Crafts And Seek 

Your creative side just became a bit more organized. Esty, the popular, online craft shop, just announced a major improvement to its mobile app. As of this very moment, the “shop local” feature, has been added to let users know where to find craft  products in pop-up neighborhood locations.

The “shop local” feature was always available on Esty’s website, but that wasn’t very convenient for crafts people who are always on-the-go, hunting for new items. The mobile app will be continuously updated so users can even find local retailers who are having special craft specials. 

Even though no one would describe me as me as a person who does crafts, I do love checking out local goods and finding unique items. I always feel like I am the last to know about a nearby arts and crafts show. We always seem to stumble upon them.

Now, all I have to do is open my Esty app and get a glimpse of every crafts event in the area. I can also use the app’s built-in map to see what’s happening in other areas of the country. Pretty cool.

I have been shopping Esty online craft products for years. I’m glad they’re progressive enough to promote live events. It just makes sense to have both options. 

Thank you