The Most Expensive Cupcake

 Ellyn Traub and her husband Kenney Green.

I can’t quite remember how the topic came up, but a gal I met on the River Cruise last week, Ellyn Traub, of Carmel, Indiana, told me she once drove a cupcake car. “A what?” “A cupcake car,” she said.  She showed me a video of her joy ride.  Click below. 

How awesome is that? 

Ellyn said that she saw the cupcake car in a Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog and always wanted to go for a ride. We all know that particular catalog has the most unusual gifts anyone has ever seen. Ellyn’s wish came true on her last birthday.

She and her husband Kenn went out to Berkeley, CA, where the designer of the cupcake car, Lisa Pongrace, allowed Ellyn to take a drive. 

The cupcake car is powered by the same engine used in electric/battery driven wheel chairs. The top speed is seven miles-per-hour. However, the price tag is very high, $25,000. You just can’t put a price on a good cupcake.

Read a story about the cupcake car in Forbes

Ellyn is an executive coach and a cyclist. Her husband rides bikes too. They were two, of a number of guests, who opted to do a few of the River Boat tours on bikes. 

Go Ellyn go!!!