Happy 30th Birthday,Whitney !!! This One Is For You

Whitney Hess

My daughter Whitney has turned into a locavore. Her heros are Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp. She is very serious about saving the farms of America. Instead of accepting gifts from family and friends for her 30thbirthday, she asked everyone on her blog, called “Pleasure and Pain,” to contribute money to Farm Aid. Her goal is to raise $30K.

Basically, most of the money will be raised online.

Whitney explains, “Thousands of family farmers in the United States are pushed off their land every year. As large factory farms are replacing them, the quality of our food is severely diminished, and our environment and our food security is in danger.”

Details are spelled out so be sure to click here.

To read Whitney’s blog click here

Happy Birthday, Whitney. We are incredibly proud of you.