We Live To Eat 

I can’t even pretend to write a tech post today. My head is spinning from today’s adventure. We did something most folks wouldn’t dare to do.
We went to two, two-star Michelin restaurants.  Very decadent. Tonight we experienced Mirazur, the 11th highest rated restaurant in the world. It’s in Menton, France. (Next door to the Italian Riviera).  I had a vegetarian tasting menu which I think was the best choice. Absolutely spectacular!!. My vegetarian friends are going to salivate. I’m not going to become a complete vegetarian (I do love a good steak) but I think I feel better eliminating heavier foods. 

Here we go….. 


We had lunch at Chateau De La Chèvre D’or in upper Eze. The food was outstanding. The pictures speak for themselves.




 By the way, all photos were taken with my iPhone 6 plus. I think they look pretty good. FYI, I took a Pepcid two hours before bedtime. Slept like a baby. I also tried on my tight red slacks to see how much damage I did to myself with all the food I consumed. They still zip up. I got lucky.

Amazon Gives Startups A Fighting Chance

One of the first things I want to do when I get back to the States, is learn more about the new program Amazon just launched for start-ups. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that Amazon is going to help start-ups launch, market and distribute their products to the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers across the globe.

Never in my life did I ever imagine that a new company could have such an advantage. Amazon is appropriately calling their new program Launchpad. Startups now avoid many of the challenges a new company usually experiences. They can now rely on Amazon’s retail experience and infrastructure to help them be successful. 

What an amazing world we live in. Read more about it in Retailing Today.

And then, we want to share our day in Nice with you.

Welcome to Nice

Getting an early start on the weekend.


Looks like the Flatiron building in Manhattan.


Strolling the streets.


Waiting for a wedding to start .


The Mediterrean.waters are so blue.


No sand, just large rocks.




We had lunch on the beach.


Nice has a style of its own.