The World Of Apps Should Thank Dr. Oz

I am taking a chance talking about such a narrowly focused topic today, especially after I received many emails and comments on my widely- received Richard Schulze of Best Buy post yesterday. There could be many more eyeballs than usual watching to see what I will come up with next. While this next topic may seem a little unimportant to you, it is huge for anyone in the smartphone application business.

The Dr. Oz Show, a daily television program focusing on medical issues and personal health, is the first TV show I know of that is going to devote an entire segment to smartphone applications. Yes, they are health related, but that is not what this is about. TV talk shows have been reluctant to demonstrate apps because they do not show well on the TV screen.

I have been pitching apps for years to national and local TV shows and 99.9 per cent of the time I get a flat “No.” It doesn’t matter if the app is hugely popular or obscure, TV stations were not interested. In the last year or so, an app was mentioned on a TV talk show, but never, never, never, a full segment that will demo and detail how the applications work.

Leave it to Dr. Oz, a very tech savvy guy, not to be afraid to go beyond what is the norm.

It was so frustrating for me, that I finally did an email to each and every TV show producer asking them to reconsider because they were really cheating their audiences. I told them that apps played a very important part in the tech world and by not sharing the info, they weren’t giving their audiences what they wanted and needed. Very few wrote back, and those that did said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

I was in shock when I heard from………..drum roll….. Steve Greenberg, the Innovation Insider and author of Gadget Nation, that Dr. Oz asked him to appear on his show just to focus on apps for Health and Wellness. We are actually going to see one whole segment where apps will be featured as the product showcase.

All I can say to that is…………….thank you Dr. Oz and Steve Greenberg. Steve taped the show this morning. He will let me know when it airs. The guest after Steve’s taped segment was Michelle Obama. Steve said when he left the studio, the building was surrounded by security. Everything and everyone was being searched.

Ah, show biz !

If you click on the highlighted Dr. Oz above, you will read all about him. I am concerned that many of you do not realize that you can do that. You will learn in time.

For those relunctant Digidame readers, here you go…….

Mehmet Cengiz Oz (Turkish: Öz, pronounced [mehˈmet dʒenˈɟiz øz], born June 11, 1960), also known as Dr. Oz, is a Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality.

Oz first appeared on the The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004, and later on Larry King Live and other TV programs. In 2009, Winfrey’s Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures launched The Dr. Oz Show, a daily television program focusing on medical issues and personal health.


You are reading it here first. My friend Steve Greenberg, who is about to become a national sensation as the host of Invention Hunters on The Food Network next month, informed me about a new app for the iPhone that allows you to put yourself into your video shoots. Steve didn’t exactly give me the scoop himself but I squirmed it out of him. If you are like me, you like to shoot videos of your travels and the events you attend. You probably shoot videos of your family, especially the grandkids, friends and hobbies. The big problem I have is that all my videos have everyone else in them except me. It’s like I was never there. Steve tried showing me how to turn my iPhone around to shoot myself and then turn it back again on the subject matter. That only forced me to lose my balance and train of thought. I always really love pretending I am a news reporter, capturing interesting things and then sharing them with family and friends (doesn’t matter if they want it or not).

The other day Steve was in NYC (he resides in Miami) to appear on Dr. Oz and The Today Show. He stays in my apartment whenever he is in New York, so we have a lot of quality time. He never mentioned anything about the new app in development called 2CamShoot. It allows you to switch between the iPhone’s front and back cameras when recording video. I found out about it while I was watching one of his other segments (Seattle King TV), that he did earlier in the week.

Hello Steve !!! Did you forget to tell me about something that I longed for? The Seattle TV segment was local so now you are one of the few who can learn all about it at It is really so easy to use and it is so much fun. I can’t stop shooting iPhone videos. The big question is why didn’t Apple develop this feature themselves? I am very confused. It seems like a natural. They already feature two cameras on the iPhone for Facetime, the personal video conferencing feature. Somehow, they never doubled dipped by using the two cameras for their video function.

Enter 2CamShoot. This is how the company describes it. “ Without this app, the only way you can record a video that showcases yourself and something else is by attempting to swing the phone around, losing sight of the screen, and just guessing what image is being recorded. Certainly not a smooth option. 2CamShoot ends that awkward bumpy camera move. By using this app, you are able to simply switch between the front and back cameras by just touching the icon on the screen. Video recording on your iPhone will never be the same. Put yourself into the video and make every shoot a 2CamShoot.”

And yes there is a video of Steve using the app right on the 2CamShoot website. Here is a prediction. Apple buys the company that produced the app and Steve becomes the next famous Steve at Apple.