Google’s Solar Power Play

Image: Google 

If someone told me years ago that there would be a company that could possibly take a picture of every street in America, I would have said, “No way.” Now we all know that Google is that company. What we didn’t know, is just how much this powerful company is going to capitalize on their current assets. 

Google has just announced Project Sunroof, an an online tool that lets homeowners know whether they should get solar panels for their homes. Project Sunroof is capable of analyzing where you live, the measurements of your roof, how much you can expect to save each month, and the price of the solar panels you will need.

Google plans to rollout the program in Boston, San Francisco, and Fresno. Google claims that 400,000 homes were using solar panels in 2013. They hope the number will jump to millions in the next five years.

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