A Hurricane In The Digitial Age

I just heard on the news that many of us spend 15 years of our life watching TV. I am a TV junkie. I probably have spent many more years in front of the boob tube than that. Yes, yes, I know that I shouldn’t admit it. Not very scholarly of me. In the last eight years, not only do I watch a lot of TV, but I also have my laptop on my coffee table, my iPhone right next to me, and my iPad next to my iPhone. I like to think that this corner of my living room is my command center. I do my best thinking here and this is the spot where I de-stress. There is nothing like getting my work life in order to make myself feel totally liberated.

The world is outside my window. Nothing can touch me in here. That will all be tested in a few days from now when Sandy, appropriately being called Frankenstorm, hits the New York area. All of the TV news stations, WINS radio and now YouTube are reporting that Sandy might be a lulu of a storm, something the east coast has never seen before. At breakfast this morning, at our neigborhood diner, Silver Star, I told Eliot that if we did get rained in, that I could use the few days to catch up on emails and other Internet research that I was behind on. Then he gave me the bad news that never occurred to me. If we lose electricity, all of my communications gear will be useless, no TV, no radio, no Internet.

I felt myself go into panic mode. After breakfast we shopped for batteries and food for the next few days. I downloaded a lot of music, podcasts and audio books that I have been wanting to listen to. Thanks goodness I have multiple iPods so hopefully that will get me through a few days. Then there is always traditional books and printed magazines. If I light some candles, it will be like the good old days of the late 80s. Remember when we were able to concentrate on one thing at a time without beeps, clicks, bells and buzzers going off all the time? I could use some down time from all the noise but I don’t know if I am ready to live without Twitter and Facebook for a few days.