Private Conversations On-The-Go

I have written about a lot of new tech products, but this one is just crazy. I like what it does, but  someone has to redesign it. Hushme is a new gadget that keeps your mobile conversations private when you are in public. The trouble is that, to me, it looks like a muzzle.

The founders of the company worked with a product development company called ARTKB to execute their idea. They wanted to invent a gadget that allows people to talk on their cells without anyone in the vicinity hearing them. 

Hushme muffles your voice or plays sounds while you’re talking. Hushme has a companion app that allows you to choose sounds and adjust volume. Hushme features wireless in-ear earbuds with a built-in microphone.

Hushme will be available later this year at $249 and $149 during a crowdfunding campaign in a few months from now.

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