Joan Rivers Pulls The Senior Card

Either you are going to love or hate Joan Rivers’ return to the “Tonight Show” last Monday night. Let me correct myself, Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show.”

This was actually Joan’s second appearance. She also participated in Fallon’s very first show along with a parade of celebrities who stopped by to wish him well. That marked the first time that Joan had been on the “Tonight Show” in nearly 30 years. Johnny Carson put the kibosh on Joan after she agreed to host another late night show on a competing network.

Joan used her appearance to let the world know that at 80 she no longer cares what people think of her. She always said what was on her mind and now she is going for the jugular.

Joan was pretty raunchy and offensive on the show so consider yourself forewarned. The reason I wanted to share it with you is because at 80 she is still slugging away. To most of her audiences and co-workers, Joan is ageless. Yes, they know that she is older, but they do not consider her old.

She has two million Twitter followers, a half a million Facebook friends, and is making great headway on Instagram and YouTube. Joan knows all about social media, handles her own posts, and was one of the first to have a comedy show on the Internet. Let’s not forget about her TV reality show and Fashion Police.

I think it is safe to say that 80 is the new 60 in Joan’s case. Let that be an inspiration to all of us.

Jimmy Fallon, Billy Joel And An iPad

If you didn’t see “The Tonight Show” on Thursday night, then you missed an incredible moment in digital history. Don’t fret. I included it here. Jimmy Fallon used an iPad app, named Loopy HD to sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” with Billy Joel.

Loopy HD costs $7.99 and allows users to layer recordings of singing, beatboxing, or instruments.

Business Insider explained that Fallon used the app to create a four-part background vocal harmony of the duo singing “aweema-wep, aweema-wep, aweema-wep, aweema-wep” before proceeding singing the song.

Congrats Loopy HD. That was a PR happening.

Hashtags Defined By Me #4U

I am always getting questions about what the hashtag sign, #, on Twitter really means. It’s good to know the answer because more and more Internet platforms have started using hashtags as well.

Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Twitter users use it as a way to categorize messages.

The hashtag symbol # also makes the keywords readily searchable. Just click on a hashtagged word in any Twitter message and you will easily find all other Tweets marked with that keyword.

It’s as simple as that!

Now that you understand what the so-called mighty hashtag # stands for, watch the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake video above. It has been viewed 22 million times. You will never forget what a hashtag means again.