The Secret Life of Seniors

Make sure you view Ida's run at 97 years old in the video below

Make sure you view Ida’s run at 97 years old in the video below

I thought we needed a little inspiration today. It started out with a big boom outside our window on East 62nd Street. Eliot was in the other room when I heard him yell out, “Someone got hit by a car.” I quickly looked outside our window. I looked down. Ten floors below, I saw a woman was pinned under a car, with only her head sticking out. The man driving the car was standing next to her in shock. Within 15 seconds a fire engine showed up, follow by police cars, ambulances, and more fire trucks. The first responders went into action. They tried to lift the car off her but minutes later a rescue team showed up with some sort of a hand lift and yanked it up. She was immediately freed, covered, strapped onto a board, picked up on a gurney, and swiftly wheeled into the ambulance. The siren wailed, and off they went.

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