A Year After Sandy


Today’s is a more personal story about Lorna and Jeff Spiro. Their resilience and strength in the face of adversity is not really a digital story, but it is one I’m proud to tell over the Internet.

A year ago, their home in Long Beach, LI was badly damaged and its contents wiped out by Hurricane Sandy. This is the home that Lorna grew up in and then took over as a married woman. This is the home that Lorna knows as her safe haven, no matter what else is going on in the world.

The house is nestled on a canal, blocks away from the ocean. That didn’t matter one bit when the water levels rose to where her cars and her lifetime belongings were washed away. Lorna and Jeff were home at the time and watched in disbelief as their shelter was collapsing one floor at a time.

Lorna is an artist, primarily a sculptor. Luckily, her masterpieces were saved by some fancy footwork. Many appear below in pictures that I took this past Sunday when my brother Steve and sister-law Susan took Eliot and me to visit these friends with whom they have been close for four decades.

We were honored to be invited along so we could marvel at their accomplishments after months of being homeless. Not only did they have the emotional and mental capacity to rebuild, but dealing with insurance companies and government agencies must have taken a super powerful inner strength that only a few can muster.

Lorna and Jeff Spiro are making everything perfect again.