Vanity Fair on Audio


My doctor friend Howard Stark said that I have a condition that is known as hypomania. It means that I see everything large. If we both like the same restaurant or movie, I personally view and experience it in a much more exaggerated state. I get emotionally enthusiastic and will relay my feelings to everyone who will listen. He shared this information with me a few years ago. I just want to ask everyone if they are feeling the same thing I do when something good happens.

Today is one of those days I am euphoric because I learned that for the first time I can hear one of my favorite magazines on audio. That means that when my eyes are tired from all the work I do during the day, I can just sit back and listen to editor-in-chief Graydon Carter and all the contributors to Vanity Fair read their editorials and stories into my ready-to-be-entertained ear drums. I am flipping out. I can’t believe that this is happening. I have dreamt about this for so long. I feel like the folks at Vanity Fair heard my plea for this over the years.

I am not going to give up my printed subscriptions, but I do want the option of just listening when I am pooped. By the way, I like to be one of the first to read Vanity Fair among my friends. I just love when someone mentions a story to me and I quickly answer, “read it.” Reading Vanity Fair first is like being a member of the “in” crowd without the social BS effort.

You can buy the audio version of Vanity Fair on Amazon, Audible, or anywhere audio books are sold. Then it is just one click away to download the magazine. I just did it. The first audio issue is free, but if you don’t like the experience, be sure to cancel, otherwise you will be billed handsomely every month. It is starting out at $14.95 each edition, but I believe that price will go down as the audio subscriptions go up.

Tonight I plan to plop down on the couch, cross my legs, put on my headphones, and listen away. Because I am hypomanic, I will be knitting away on my second project of the season. My eyes are not too tired for that.