You Never Heard of These Jobs 10 Years Ago


One of the most important topics in politics today is the job market. While politicians talk about the number of jobs being created, very few mention the new positions that have been born primarily because of the Internet. Content is king and all of the following positions were developed because people want to share information.

I first read about this in a Forbes article but I decided to give you my own interpretations.

App developer

Ten years ago you never heard of an app. Today, more than a million apps have been developed and sold on Apples App Store and Android’s Google. Everyone in the tech business knows that the demand for app developers is going to keep growing, especially good ones.

Market Research Data Miner

This is the person who now makes sense out of all the Internet information that is being cultivated about the customer’s experience. Years ago there was no way to access this information. Today data miners look behavioral patterns to help retailers and businesses predict future trends..

Millennial Generational Expert

The generational expert does exactly what the title says. Companies hire experts to tell them the changes that are taking place in the workforce and how to keep valuable employees. They also assist in grooming the best members of the staff into strong executives.

Social Media Manager

We all know that social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, others) have become the communications vehicles for both small and humongous companies. Someone has to manage the information that is imparted to the targeted audience. This person not only needs to know what to say but precisely when to say it. Timing is everything.

Chief Listening Officer

This is a position many of you have probably never heard of before but has come increasingly important. The CLO has to monitor all of the remarks that are being made about their company on social media (Facebook, Twitter, message boards, blogs, and YouTube) and then report that information to the proper heads of departments. Most of the time immediate action must be taken in order to keep a brand prestigious and respectable.

User Experience Designer

A user experience designer makes tech type products easier to use. They make products and services friendlier so your experiences are more satisfying and rewarding. Companies higher UX designers (stands for user experience) because they want to make sure that their products are being utilized to the highest degree.