If You Want To Learn More About 3D Printing Stick With Me   

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I’m hoping to learn a lot about 3D printing this summer. I want to share as much information with you as possible.

I’m working with Breakthrough Miami, an academic enrichment program for promising students from disadvantaged communities in the Miami-Dade County. The students will be working in one of the largest art/design-oriented 3D printing centers in the United States this summer. Much to everyone’s surprise, the 3D printing facility is located on Lincoln Road at the 16,000 sq. ft. FIU College of Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) | Miami Beach Urban Studios.

The program, Project Growlight, was created by Elissa Vanaver, CEO, Breakthrough Miami and John Stuart, AIA, Associate Dean for Cultural and Community Engagement, FIU College of Architecture + The Arts and Executive Director, Miami Beach Urban Studios.    

I met Elissa though her husband Roman Lyskowski, a former Miami Herald photo editor. I met Roman when I sent one of Eliot’s photos to the Herald. Eliot captured a photo of a fire downtown from the balcony of our South Beach condo. Roman published the photo and gave Eliot a photo credit. A few weeks later, I invited Roman, his wife and some of his friends, to one of our parties. Ever since then, the four of us have become friendly.

Elissa and John have been working diligently on Project Growlight. It will engage young scholars in a three-week “think-tank,” exploring the world of design, art, community building, and urbanism through hands-on work with the CARTA Innovation Lab. Through FIU’s faculty and other noted partners, the students will meet one-on-one with creative thought leaders in one of the country’s most dynamic cities, while FIU’s grad students will provide the day-to-day coaching and mentoring. 

Project Growlight, which will turn all of South Beach into a vibrant learning lab, is a unique opportunity to get involved in the rewarding work of creating diverse leadership for Miami’s future.

Breakthrough Miami is 25 years old this year and nearly 1,300 middle and high-school students benefit from the school-year and summer programs the organization runs across the county. Saturday and summer programs operate year-round on the high school campuses of Ransom Everglades, Miami Country Day, Palmer Trinity, Carrollton and Gulliver.

If you want to get involved, let me know.

Thank you.