Naked Habits


Ever since we decided to work remotely, my wardrobe of choice has been interesting. If I don’t have an outside appointment, I wear sweats, long t-shirts and jeans and tops. I thought I was being pretty casual until I learned that there are people who sit in front of a computer nude. Yes, naked.

A recent PayPal survey revealed that there are people who actually like to shop online in the nude. Must people would agree that there is no reason to be totally covered up but what is the purpose of being naked?

PayPal also said people prefer to sit in front of a computer in total freedom. That means nothing touching their skin. PayPal said there are several stages of risque online shopping behavior.

Thirty three percent explained they shop in their pajamas. The survey didn’t tell us what time of day or night they were shopping. Here’s another strange statistic: 15 percent said that they like to have an alcoholic beverage to help in their decision-making. Researchers didn’t dig deeper into whether people are naked in bed when they are doing this online shopping.

A spokesperson at PayPal said the only explanation they can give for the nudity is that naked shoppers believe that they could be more readily available to try on clothes through their computer or phone if they are already disrobed. That sounds insane to me.

PayPal thinks “there may be a certain lifestyle segment in the U.S. that drinks and takes clothes off, then lies on the sofa or in the bath (or elsewhere), in order to have the perfect online retail experience.”

I think this is more information than any of us care to know,