It’s All About Me

Ellen and her famous friends at the Oscars

A Nebraska teenager took a Selfie with Warren Buffet and Paul McCartney

I wonder what prompted this?

Queen Elizabeth unknowingly photo-bombed this one

All photos from Instagram

This certainly has been the year for narcissistic tenancies. I have never seen so many folks so self-absorbed (including me). I guess the Internet has really provided a platform for people to focus on themselves. Between Instagram and Facebook, millions of Americans spend countless hours posting photos that show their daily activities.

It’s no surprise that the Selfie has become so popular among all age groups. I get giddy when I see seniors taking photos of themselves in restaurants and outside landmarks. I love the fact that those over 50 are very much a part of the digital revolution.

As the year closes, many internet sites are posting Selfie stories and are showing some of the best-known shots for 2014. Above are just a few.

I wonder if there will be a proliferation of gadgets and services that pop up at CES in Las Vegas in two weeks that center on Selfies.
It all depends if companies believe Selfies are here to stay. I will report back to you as I visit CES in my 48th year. I may not be the oldest person at CES but I think I’m the only one who has attended every CES Show.