Your Smart TV Is Only Smart For A Short Period Of Time

Years ago, I used to get questions about which TV brand to buy. Today, I get questions about the capabilities of the TV, Smart Vs. Not So Smart. There is a big debate going on in the hardware TV business. There are manufacturers who want to sell you $6,000 TV sets with all of the bells and whistles built-in and then there are others who just want to offer affordable priced flat panels that accept software attachments.

The one thing I know for sure, is that most of the expensive Smart TV’s that have been built so far are only good for a few years, in some cases only two. Software developments are accelerating so fast that the hardware manufacturers can’t possibly keep up. I have friends who claim that the pricey TV sets that they bought two or three years ago are not up-to-date with Netflix. Hulu Plus, or Vudu. It is driving them crazy!

To complicate matters, many more seniors want to watch content from the web. All they really need is a simple flat TV panel that accepts an Internet connection. Even more exciting, are the new gizmos called streaming sticks. They look like cigarette lighters or jump drives if you know what that means. All of your programming will be built-into these sticks so you don’t need the intelligence to be built into the TV. The streaming sticks will easily plug in to your flat panel TV’s. Not more complicated than plugging a USB thumb drive in to your computer.

Now when you have to upgrade, it will only cost you a $100 for a new stick as opposed to thousands of dollars for a so called Smart TV.

I suggest you read the following two stories to get an idea of your future choices.

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Think Twice Before Buying A Smart TV

This may be self serving but I think it is good advice. My client Rey Roque, Senior VP, Westinghouse Digital warns the American consumer that when they are buying a TV they should be concerned about the size of the screen and the picture quality, not the bells and whistles of internal Internet content. Everyone who bought a Smart TV just a few years ago are now finding themselves with outdated equipment. There is just too much technology being introduced every year to get stuck. You are better off with external smart boxes such as a ROKU.

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