Stress Has Been Given A Bad Rap

Image: New York Times

I knew it. There is nothing wrong with stress in your life. It can even be empowering. You just have to have the right attitude. I wanted to share a New York Times article on the subject because I believe it finally sets the record straight. 

For years, I had to listen to a number of folks tell me that my stressful job was going to ruin my health. I’m not a dope. I know that anyone can get sick, at any time, but the chance of “work stress” hurting me was just totally wrong. 

If you enjoy what you are doing, your body adjusts to stress. In fact, the New York Times article points out that stress from positive work makes you stronger. People who are unhappy, and make themselves victims in most aspects of their lives, are more likely to be the sick ones. 

A good dose of stress, because you are doing something worthwhile, can be euphoric, especially when you reach your goal. I wonder how many euphoric experiences those “stress warners” experienced in their lifetime?

Read the article.. Here is the New York Times article. I love it. 


Out From Under The Covers

While the whole world is focused on the introduction of the iPhone 5 today, I have a different offer that will you give far more satisfaction than a smartphone, tablet or portable audio player. It is called a personal massager. I am looking for Digidame readers to tell me why you deserve one for free. I need you to select one and then post your explanation in the comment section.

All you have to do is click on the cloud above this copy and type away. The reason why this is so important, is because personal massagers are slowly but surely becoming very popular. I am a part of a team of marketers who are revitalizing the category. Those of you who want to join this journey over the next few months are welcomed to chime in.

What was once considered to be a taboo gadget hidden some place in your closet under a pile of clothes, is now becoming a much more accepted portable accessory, and for good reason. Baby boomers are discovering that if they massage certain areas of their body ever few hours, they relieve tension and stiffness.

How many times have you been bent over and waddled when you have been sitting for too long?  Or how about those first steps in the morning. It takes five to 10 minutes to get your legs and back fully-functioning.  Admit it, we are not as limber as we once were.

Many baby boomers are really into health and wellness.  Use me as the excuse to own one of these cute little devices. This line is called Body Innovations.  Be an innovator yourself and live life to the fullest.  By the way, the next time you go to lunch with friends and they all whip out their phone, tablet,  MP3 player and personal massagers, think of where you read about this first.

Personal Mini Massager  #1

The Personal Mini Massager #1 is available in assorted colors, features a quiet and powerful massage motor with three interchangeable attachments (Dual Node, Multi-node and smooth head).  Its compact size makes it the perfect travel companion.  Includes one AA battery and travel pouch.

Personal Mini Massager #2

The Personal Mini Massager #2 features multiple variable massage speeds from low to high.  The rubberized massage head focuses gentle massage on body curves and contours and is waterproof, perfect for use in the shower or bath.  It includes two AAA batteries and is available in three  assorted colors. .

Rechargeable Personal Massager #3

The Rechargeable Personal Massager #3 features a quiet and powerful massage motor with two speed intensities.  The small size allows it to easily slip into a purse and includes a storage pouch.

Personal Mini Massager #4

The compact, battery operated (includes one AA battery) Personal Mini Massager #4 is perfect for on the go use.  Its quiet and powerful massage  motor and interchangeable attachments will help you relax on stressful trips. It is available in three colors and includes a convenient travel pouch.

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