Women Who Matter

  If I ever had to picture what a DigiDame looks like, the women above capture it. High fashion after 60

 My sister-in law, Susan Schneider, modeling her new creation, a jacket scarf

Susan’s novel, “Fire in My Ears” is now available on audio and is actually spoken by her daughter-in-law Rachel F. Hirsch. Click here for further info. To hear the audio version, Click here 

Rachel with Whitney Hess

Further good news, Rachel just appeared in a TV commercial 

My Miami girl friend, Mindi Lampert, a long time educator and therapist, just published her first book about the letters she collected from young students over the years. The book is priceless and precious.


A Writer’s Burning Desire to Publish



Susan Schneider and my brother Steve with their grandsons, Ari (center), Ezra, and Max.

For as long as I can remember, my sister-in-law Susan Schneider has wanted to write a novel. She was a high school English teacher for most of her career, so the possibility of writing a book was not that far-fetched.

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