Why Do Young People Have All The Fun?

If you don’t think the world of technology has made the younger generation free to say exactly what is on their mind, think again. I really never thought the day would come when young women would be so open about their personal pleasures, especially right in front of a TV camera for the world to see.

That is exactly what happened on the streets of New York last week when Trojan, the condom makers, gave out thousands of personal vibrators as part of a major branding promotion. Several locations were shut down because of inadequate permits but that was all restored hours later. The lines of pleasure seekers ran blocks long.

I thought I was an “open book” but even this has me beat. Can you imagine watching your child on TV talking about his or her sex life, or lack of it? I can’t believe I have turned into such a prude.

Not really. I admire anyone and everyone who can speak their minds. I would really like some DigiDame readers to pipe up. Tell us what you think about any part of this.

Here is a news clip of what went on.
Click here.